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  1. Well I don't bust flows myself, but there is a party here the 22nd so I'm hoping to get a 15 year old in there and fuck her with the mic on for all to hear
  2. Most of you saw the amazing vodka pong table I built (RIP, you're missed every day), now here is something a tab bit more difficult. My roommate raps, and usually just records with a free standing mic in his room, but the other day he decided he wanted a booth. I told him to just pay for the supplies, buy me some food, and I'd get it done. We went to Home Depot, I cut all the wood to size, picked up a few tools we didn't have laying around, and headed back to the crib. I encountered a few design problems while assembling the thing, but in the end it all came out pretty good. It's set
  3. If anyone here is from Boston and hasn't tried this spot Cappy's you're missing out...I'm not a big fan of any of their other food, but the pizza is amazing and the slices are fucking gigantic, like 1/3rd the size of a regular pizza As for my local Rude Island selections...Antonios, Casertas, Tommys, Sicilias, Golden Crust...I could prolly go on for days
  4. I'll pretty much eat any pizza and not complain...obviously some pizza is more amazing than others, but it's all pretty damn good to me There have been MANY times I've eaten pizza for all 3 meals of the day, and I prolly have some at least 5 or 6 days of the week
  5. Please God don't let it ever happen to me
  6. Yo if Avon and Weebay get out shit will get CRAZY...Wee is definately the most gangsta muthafucka in the show besides Omar
  7. $18.33 to be exact...it's at the newly renovated track, lookin all classy and shit haha Even still, I bitched about the price til I saw all the food...welllll worth it
  8. You fools put the money up and the JBC's go down I straight mashed this $20 buffet tonight, 4 giant plates and then dessert....mm mmm mmmmmmmm
  9. Definately :rolleyes: And as far as parents pressin charges, I've had one set try to do that but it was when I was 18 and the girl was 17, nice and legal All girl's parents always hate me, regardless of age...I have quite the reputation. Funnily enough, the only parents I've ever met who actually did like me were the parents of the last 15 year old I was fuckin. Although, they only liked me cuz I bitchslapped her psycho ex-boyfriend that was torturing the family
  10. I used to have a STRICT 2 year limit, I wouldn't even consider a bitch more than 2 years younger Then I was 19, me and my girl had just broken up, and this super hot 16 year old was all over me so I amended the rule Then one night after a party, when my at the time fuck toy had left (she was 18 by the way haha) her little 15 year old friend wanted the dick and yeah. Now my new rule is 4 years...I hope to stick to it
  11. I'm sure I could do that as well, but why the fuck would I want to when 15/16 year olds are so much hotter?
  12. And I'd also like to clarify, I'm turning 20 in 3 months. At that point I am going to try and completely phase 15 year olds out of my life, and strictly concentrate on 16 and above...see, I'm really not a bad guy hahaha
  13. I'm 19 homie...15 ain't no thang But I definately hear you on the jail steez. Funny thing is, I went and saw my boss today cuz I'm goin back to work soon, and when I told him that I was goin on house arrest in a few weeks he automatically assumed it was for a statutory haha
  14. If you say so homeboy. I like how you're trying to make 15 year old girls sound like they're 9. Alot of these girls are already fully developed and WELL on their way to double digit sexual partners before I ever encounter them the last 15 year old I fucked, I was her 8th guy. Bitches is crazy.
  15. Oh they annoy me no doubt, but I hate all women and find them all pretty much the same level of annoying, regardless of age
  16. I haven't been near my old school in quite some time...HOWEVER, all the hot little sophomore chicks do come party at my crib
  17. No you wouldn't. Just sayin.
  18. :lol: It was an interview with the people who run house arrest...shit didn't go well
  19. Haha nah, I don't try and make em think I'm 15. You can't send em a friend request when the age gap is that big so I change it, request em, and then change it back haha
  20. And you finna be right there with me
  21. I'mma lowlife, I know It's 2:32 AM, I have to be up at 8 for an interview with the DOC, and I'm plotting to fuck 15 year old girls Yodel acha boy
  22. because I sometimes change my age on MySpace from 19 to 15 so that I may add, and then subsequently try to coerce into fucking me, underage girls?
  23. AyeBee


    Scrubs is ill EBPH looks just like Zach Braf
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