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    My boy got Lumineers, or something just like it....shit was part of like $60K worth of dental work that his insurance covered
  2. My boy's mom met some dude from Dubai online and left her family to go live there...I assume that dude is payed out the ass That is all I hafta say
  3. "Last night as I was walking down the hill on my block, a Dominoes pizza delivery guy sped by me on his bike, skimming me by inches. I wanted to yell what the fuck? But since I’ve been dealing with the flu, I needed to conserve my energy. A little bit farther down the block, there was also a woman and her little boy walking. The little boy was actually running awkwardly down my block, not yet in total control of his movements. The reckless delivery guy just missed the kid by inches as well. I wondered if was he stupid or just didn’t give a fuck? As I watched him park and chain his bi
  4. So I drnasjnk from 7 PM to 3 AM tonight, ad let my rooomate's co-worker who whas a cserious crush on me come over I le tht eug;ly bitch top me off, then afetr I jnutted in her mouth and she kept sucking I start thinking "Fck...how am I gunna get out of this without fucking this bitch?" So while she's stills uycking I al of a sudden g "FUCK...what time is it?!" and I jumped up an dgrab my phone, going "Fuck it's 3:48, I gott abring my brothe rin law to work at 4, fuck!" I threw on some cloth4s, rushed her out, jumped in the car, sped to ehr house, and droppe dhjer off on some "Oh
  5. Backm in the days of staying up all night fucking my girl and then openeing a restaurant laone in the monring I sued to dirnk like 5 redbull then pop 2 caffeien pills and feel like my heart was gunns jump[ out of my chestn and i was gunna die right there. after the rhsit wore off i would turn inot the biggest asshole alive, screaming at my sister and my girl 9who both worked there) all fuckin shfit long, like a fuckin animal
  6. Haha eveyrpone says Sponebbob....it's the 10 Deep bras sknukcles
  7. What is this Redline shit? Sounds amazing. I've also wondered about the 5 hour energy shit..surprised so many people say it works Everyone already knows my steez
  8. Avon was a gangsta for real, dude played no games Marlo is a real cold ass nigga too...the part when he kills Joe and he tells em "I wasn't meant to play the son", dude's veins pump ice water
  9. I honestly can't decide who I'm rooting for in the whole Marlo/Omar conflict. I almost wanna see Omar go, just cuz the muthafucka is the Superman of the hood...but at the same time, I can't really get 100% behind Marlo since he had my boy Bodie dropped
  10. I don't see how anyone can be complaining about this season...Marlo and Omar are goin straight wild
  11. I've heard of police becoming obsessed with a case and doing whatever it takes to bring someone down, I just think they're (obviously) over dramatizing it for TV
  12. We almost got a casino in RI...once Donald Trump was trying to put one up, and once Indians. Both times I was deprived of gambling and free drinks :(
  13. They're up to Episode 6 on On Demand Who's got links to anything further?
  14. My LS is averaging like 18 MPG right now...I think my old Explorer XLT used to get like 4.5
  15. I think quite possibly the best sex of my life was received after I adopted a dolphin in her name. I don't really get it. Whatever.
  16. I don't celebrate Valentines day, but I did once for my ex-girl cuz we'd only been together like 4 months at that point and I didn't wanna look like a complete douchebag Anyways...I got her a dozen roses, chocolates, a teddy bear, a bag full of random shit I knew she'd like, and a gold and diamond dolphin ring. Bitch was obsessed with dolphins...fuckin females
  17. There's ALOT of people I hate, and then a few that I actually WISH dead There's one who if I were driving down a dark street at night and saw him crossing I'd speed the fuck up, smash him, and never think twice about it
  18. I think Mero should, at the least, get a free premium account
  19. Why'd you catch the ban in the first place? I musta missed some happenings in the last few days
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