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  1. ugly girls and salty dogs in here breewwwwzzzz
  2. i got a set of those cigarette markers. they make you look cool. you can pull them out infront of your friends and they'll say WOW as you fake smoke infront of them then pull the cap off and catch a sick tag!!!!! except they don't work anymore so you'll just have to act cool in front of your friends.....deal?
  3. why not get a sign that says i'm violently masturbating to you on tv right now.
  4. fuck gary bettman. and you will all die by the blade when the lock out is over. at least AHL is still going.
  5. so now people will think some one is home when your not? why not just leave a light on? or the tv on?
  6. you should have got them wasted on 4 locos and then pissed in some 40's and gave em to em. but still fun. i would have just kept the 40 though. last time i bought beer for some kids grad party and them came through with about 160 or 170, took me to the store and i got em 7 12 packs of natty ice and a few 6'ers of genny tall boys for the one friend i didn't wanna rip off and pocketed around 75 bucks. and i was tripping on acid.
  7. i remember watching that happen with a weird nonchalant i watch fucked up shit on tv and the internet all day type of vibe. then i thought it was fucked we still had school that day which is pretty fucked of me. then i thought that the US was about to get stupid retarded and drop a nuke, got really paranoid of all the draft talk, and then got into many fights with right wing christians and all sorts of other patriotic weirdos. t hen the next year i started sellin reggie bush cause my connect came through from nyc. he worked at the towers and was walkin to work late when that shit happened. and we were losing our civil rights left and right. what a total bummer. reggie bush.
  8. get on unemployment get on welfare when that runs out get on disability when welfare runs out get on food stamps have kids to get more welfare when disability runs out complain taxes are to high
  9. they would have killed eachother dead if they were alive today cause they gangstazzzz
  10. yea i understand his name isn't legally drunken asshole oner.....
  11. get a mean junkyard cat and a crown vic from a police auction. park that shit in the drive way and see who breaks in
  12. welllllll this thread is gonna get deleted soon. good job.
  13. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed are the forum clocks fixed yet?
  14. what size boards do you ride? i'm pretty average height and size and i ride a 8.5 with 60 mm wheels and high trucks and i never break my board, i always break my trucks. if your already riding a big set up then maybe focus more on landing all your shit with your feet over the bolts.
  15. they must not have cared he was smoking. because piss tests are pretty much only for people that smoke weed. most hard drugs exit your piss within 2 days. or the shit he smoked sucked. either way this thread proves ignorance is bliss. and i'm 24'd.
  16. in my state, if your house is broken in to and you shoot the person in your own house you can get a murder or attempted muder or aggro assault wrap. which is why you catch that fucker and drag em out into the drive way. always in the drive way. and after i read what bobby blowjob said i have no legible thoughts left in my head.
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