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  1. i like the part in the blog where dude says he wakes up to jerome and big toes or whoever the guys names are smoking crack. and they don't let him hit it. and then later on they do. thats all.
  2. any koreans goin to japan? hows that workin out?
  3. the nypd shot that dude over 50 times for having a wallet in his hands a few years back. so 6 shots for 1 guy with a knife is pretty tame. besides the point that he was smoking bath salts on a sidewalk in nyc, surprised they didn't deploy hls.
  4. and thats why you constantly tell your children or any children no.
  5. bagminton . they took cigarettes away in jail so now you have to play sports to pass the time.
  6. the combination of adderal, zoloft and clartin was to much. he might as well been on bath salts. all i know if i was anxious, setting a nuclear sub on fire would make me waaaaayyyy more anxious.
  7. i only smoke because it gives me knowledge
  8. all i know is rush limbough was definitely saying that the new batman movie was a media brainwashing tool of the democrats so this guy did it to try and kill obama's supporters. batman + illuminati = 9/11
  9. this is the best one so far. casey anthony's kids night
  10. whatever you call it only play wugazi and mgmt. sell redbull and k2.
  11. call it "RENT the musical" or rosie perez's butt bustin latin cardio night should draw some crowds.
  12. free the mumia, donate on my paypal for suboxone refill.
  13. khol's. got a suit, dress shirt and dark denim levi 511's for 80 bucks total last week. tj max and marshalls for occasinal non gay pants and some snap backs and random shit. i went to the mall last week and got some dark denim jeans at sears for 7 bucks. fuck paying retail for anything.
  14. the whole point of civil matters versus criminal matters is interesting. i know that they definitely have been using the police in my city to evict people from they're homes. either way i think its cool that dudes squatting in that house mainly because he's doing so without a dog.
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