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  1. suicide wells and riding power. safe trip, hope ya win. but i don't vote. not for nothing never ever ever.
  2. I like cherries. I put cherries in my icecream. I like the name of cherry....cherries.
  3. Water is water. Water is not hydrogen. Thats silly to think of that.
  4. my favorite part of the long cat picture is black face matrix.
  5. get a rhodesian ridgeback also if you don't have a huge amount of time to socialize your dog there are certain training methods to get your dog to learn to cope with not being with you all the time. just puttin that out there.
  6. where i'm from theres only new yorkers and out of towners.
  7. are you serious? those morons run the fucking country.
  8. whiskey. end of discussion. i like how when kevin decides to call nancy he goes "disco." he probably pointed to himself in a mirror at the same time. in my head.... basically your story is what i think how the rest of the world views americans. colstrybra and i listened to this song while reading the whole deal and it was much better.
  9. this thread was just complete uggos and hot girls for a long time. now that this thread is back on track i can remember my questionable tastes in womans.
  10. you should have stabbed stza crack. what a piece of shit that dude is.
  11. its more like a solid bet they'll sloppily make out with your penis better than some stuck up girl.
  12. geesh i hate opiates. congrats though 6 months is hard time. giving up the habit can be really tough but its easier to look at when you know your gaining something much more valuable, which is your life. good luck!
  13. good luck. start a trust fund for your kid now. even if its ten or twenty bucks a week, by the time your kids 16 it'll add up.
  14. Re: Newly Discovered Bacteria turns Toxic Material into Pure Gold look at the diamond market. heaps and heaps and heaps of diamonds of all kinds. just being held like the fat rich kid at school with all the warheads.
  15. after myspace i thought i was done with social internet websites besides message boards. then i got a flickr and thought that was bad enough. now i feel like i live under a rock that lives under a much bigger rock.
  16. BOOOOOORRRRINGGGGGGG jus playin but fo real dats wut happens wen you lif dat life
  17. Re: Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them they should start putting xanax in the water at the nyc precincts cause the nypd are going ham.
  18. NY over everything. could not give a damn about the rest of the world. ill take nice vacations and enjoy other places and different cultures all day, but i'm always happy to get back to a normal place with normal people and normal drivers and diners.
  19. wait..... so the police have been violating civilians rights and have been harassing people based on the color of they're skin? how long has this been happening?
  20. regardless remember that arguement over the difference between a 180 and 360? i liked that one better.
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