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  1. no, my name is Under the bridge tpbm has been to prison.
  2. For graffiti. I have two felonies now. It's a long story. I was fired from my job because of it. With no employment and how hard it is to get a job now a days. you get the idea. Fuck the system.
  3. I need 7 grand to pay off a fine. I'm making small payments when I can. The interest on it is growing. fml
  4. Poor girl http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Family/2012/1015/Amanda-Todd-Bullied-teen-shared-story-then-committed-suicide
  5. Is Sarge still putting it down out there?
  6. What if you decided you needed $10,000 right now. You are not prepared. You need $10K to make that happen. You pick a reason, it really does not matter for this scenario. You just need it as soon as you can possibly have it in hand, but for various reasons you have the following restrictions: 1) Nothing illegal. Being behind bars is not one of your prep checkoff items. 2) Nothing immoral. You decide why, but there it is. 3) Nothing about the lottery, gambling, or anything that uncertain. 4) A certain amount of risk is allowed, but try to choose something with a high probability of success. 5) It has to be something that we can do. ie, nothing about "performing a heart transplant" or the like. 6) EDITED - ASSUME YOU NEED THE MONEY IN 60 DAYS. ------- I. What would you do / suggest? II. What skills or background would someone have to have to be able to pull it off? III. Convince us you know what you are talking about. If it requires special skills then point us to a source that might show us how to acquire those skills in short order.
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