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  1. fuck e cigs. i would say fuck all cigs but unfortunately i'm still smoking tobacco. if its anything to do with greens then get a volcano. 550 for the analog with the permanent valve system. you can get the new bag kits for 30 bucks online. it is well worth the money and will make your shit stretch. i get 5 to 6 bags out of 1 small-ish pack and i ruin peoples days with my volcano.
  2. vanfullofretards has a really ugly looking boyfriend.
  3. you expected to get high off a hookah? its tobacco infused with fruit and honey. do regular cigarettes fuck you up? the hookah shops around my city are all by the colleges. they seem pretty popular. i think they're also head shops so i don't know how it would be selling food in the same place. sell sodas for 4 bucks. your customers are already retarded for wanting to spend a bunch of money at a hookah spot. if you do open a hookah lounge/head shop don't buy chinese glass and don't sell salvia and k2/spice.
  4. Double Dragons Vs. Battle toads. actually call of duty would work for both.
  5. ah well i stand corrected. makes a bit more sense now. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/01/russia-should-anything-happen-to-iran-this-will-be-a-direct-threat-to-our-national-security.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg7r6M9-iag its not exactly directly china saying they'll blow the shit out of the us and the world, more like israel being backed by the us and iran backed by russia and china.
  6. i'm a little late to this thread so i hope i'm not repeating anything but i though the US was putting troops in Aus so they could have a better tactical position in the world after russia and china said they'd declare world war 3 if iran or syria were attacked. i also thought india broke UN sanctions by buying oil from Iran which was one of the bigger issues between the united states, russia and china.
  7. i can't believe you shot a bat. good thing uyou didn't get rabies.
  8. You got a bag of tweed well blaze it with me fool And don't be stingy and please no pinners make it swollen Cuz if I had me some weed you know I'd smoke it with you Come come get with a me, me and my niggas blunts be rollin' Budsmokers Only, Budsmokers Only...Onlaaaaaay
  9. are you arguing with yourself? if you chose to do so in everyday life, try not to in public. it makes you look crazy. or like you have a bluetooth.
  10. have you used the oracle? i've got a non digi volcano and i really don't see the point in any other vaporizers. i used the silver surfer and i think that is choice for a whip vaporizer. its a nice chill deal. i just smoke a whole lot so the volcano just gets the job done. i've also used the vapor genie, that little box you stick the battery in, the io vape, and a bunch of other hand held vaporizers and other gadgets. i even took an e cig filter out and put other shit in it and used that for a while. the only thing is the volcano isn't really something you can use on the go. also i tried replacing cigs with e cigs and i ended up smoking both all the time. i just cut down on smoking cigs to a few a day and ended up really hating the e cig. if you chain smoke you will probably not enjoy the e cig.
  11. and that little girl is fucked cause she lives in the 19th ward and drinks kodak water.
  12. my city is to far behind the times. the city school district has so many other problems, but sadly racism is the one issue that will make most of the problems stay problems. you don't need to be a specific race to learn or to be taught or to be rich or poor. the family structure is a huge issue in the city schools. teachers can't be accountable for everything. making your kids care about learning and not being a complete self absorbed piece of shit seems to far beyond most parents comprehension.
  13. i must have warrants out for the years of looking at trains. our main yard is right next to a free wall with no fence. come find out. if your not retarded and you know how to not blow up your own spots maybe you wouldn't have such a problem.
  14. don't you have to read a few books and the girls diary and watch the tv show and the movie to get the whole story line? i just never had that much time to try and follow it but the movie was awesome and the tv show was entertaining.
  15. we have one bull for 4 city yards and 2 more counties out side the city. our workers will let you walk into the yard and if you ask they'll take you on a tour of our main yard. i've seen kids that have nothing to do with painting walk up to lines with power on and talk to the engineers in the locomotives and they just talk to them. i've also seen moms and dads bring they're children into the yard and walk around in front of the workers with no consequence. but you must be king train bomber and master of all graffiti knowledge. you must do throw ups for cope 2 your so cool. you obviously don't know what your talking about or you wouldn't be trying this hard. at first i thought it was funny but now its kind of sad. i know its cool and hip to stand on an internet soap box and tell everyone how much you hate cops so you can feel like you actually have friends but its still not a good look to be this big of a bitch.
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