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  1. a whole lot of sherlock joe gumshoes in this thread......for a bunch of people that hate cops. and thats fucking funny. i will repeat this until you get it. now go flex hard in another essay faggot. and whatever was said about csx giving the most fucks is just idiotic. is your csx yard hard to paint? common sense and accountability of course. definitely police your spots too.
  2. Re: My girlfriend is being a fucking cunt stop being a bruins fan.
  3. you guys hate cops but put someones personal life on blast on the internet because your reaaaalllly mad. this is pretttttyyy funny.
  4. mr. incognito made a bunch of people reaaaaallllly butt hurt. incognito style.
  5. thats just down right ignant who the fuck would i get my dutchies from? oh i forgot about the persians. go on. but really though american jails are focused on keeping as many people locked up so rich people can stay rich. rehabilitation isn't even apart of our culture for inmates until they're out of prison and get in a half way house/work program if they even do that.
  6. i said it and i'll say it again. all the food is poison. actually its probably the white man trying to keep a lock on corn and corn fed products to keep americans docile and fat as fuck.
  7. i couldn't find the aus rotten one but the jesus and the gospel fuckers ick crucifix always had me laughing. some other favorite's as a kid death church was always a pretty mesmerizing record cover.
  8. just from licking some strange white? you cray! really though this kid freaks out after 5 days of no face book? weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll sonny, back in my day 5 days in a quiet room with no one botherin ya was called a vacation!
  9. its north carolina. you could classify the majority of the state as people who is 'afraid of anything different."
  10. spare the rod spoil the child. or in this case, spare the rod and the rod will get your child anyways.
  11. but if your using the word nigger to describe an ignorant person while knowing its ignorant to call someone that then aren't you a nigger? is it offensive to call black people mopes or yo's like in the wire?
  12. i always get a good laugh when someone says they use the word nigger to describe an ignorant person and that color has nothing to do with it...and the person isn't black. the fact of the matter is that if a black person was being dumb in front of you you wouldn't call them a nigger. you might think it but you wouldn't drop it. cause you know what would happen.... so isn't that pretty ignorant to begin with? i really don't give a fuck, as an asian guy in america i am not white enough for white people, black enough for black people, to black for white people.....oddly sometimes not black enough for white people, not asian enough for any FOB and the ricans either can hang or are to furious to talk to. now a days i can't stand people complaining about anything so i just keep my mouth shut and laugh at the offensive thoughts in my head. i wish i could have a half hour of uncensored air time with bob lonsberry though. i'd get that dude to use the word nigger.
  13. its the internet b. not real life.
  14. so a gay cop tried to call the cops on other cops. and even the cops were like NO SNITCHING
  15. the only ones that should be allowed to say it. DUH
  16. my pal had some girl make his cats sunn o))) robes. they look horrible no matter what since there hairless. black one will always be night time drug music though.
  17. even though those dudes got big every time i'd got to a waste show they'd always ask if i wanted to get in for free. i gotta remember that for next time. plus direct control still rips.
  18. dumb bitch worked in a restaurant as a waitress for 18 years. dumb bitch.
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