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  1. get the perc's. vicodin is like adult tylenol. i'd choose neither because opiates are no fucking fun. tell the man to nut up and give you vallium.
  2. some times its nice just hangin out with girls that your not with and knowing you could fuck em but not doing so. probably will be a bit hard to explain to your girl.
  3. clevo is the city where girls get done done
  4. no yellow socks but still bangin boy?
  5. this years chaos in tejas is lookin pretty awesome too. haven't made it out to one, bummed i missed bastard still.
  6. i was thinkin this would be a psy outfit i'd go for this but then i'd have to be like that and this all night bath salt zombie kin jong il seems a little more fun.
  7. infest is playin MDF this year. i might actually go.
  8. that title made me laughhhhh. chung boul was mad at all the jawns wil'n out at his birthday. can't a chung boul get some sleep yoooo?
  9. ask your girl if she would want to have a threesome with your friends that are girls. sounds like she wants it.
  10. got that boy boy. i think rich white kids with yellow socks still call it horse to sound street.
  11. being on the chi bears sounds really gay.
  12. my friends dog ate a little under a half a tray of pretty awesome brownies. shit like a cow and acted like a horse for a few days. then he leveled out. probably the most chill dog when he's not being tormented by what seems to be severe anxiety and separation issues. the dog also would just east straight up trash. anything that touched food pretty much. smelling Montgomery jack cheddar with burning plastic was the worst.
  13. if maeby and george michael had an incestual child?
  14. kreayshawn girl is pretty on point. i'm usually drunk/high asian kid but i'm thinkin more like drunk/high kim jong il just because drunk/high psy from gangnam style would be a bit harder to figure out unless i was dancing the whole night.
  15. #1 dad of the year award goes to grown man showing his children how to maintain reputation on internet message boards. fuck chimo pedophiles. good for you cilone.
  16. if your mac starts to freeze up when you downloaded something then unplug it from the wall. the worst case ontario is you have to reformat your hard drive. the best thing you can do is to spend a little bit of money and get the biggest external hard drive you can for all your music and pictures and what not that you don't want to lose. then run all your brutal horse porn or whatever on your computer to your hearts delight. i have a osx server so i just have multipul hard drives with nothing of value on my start up drive. learning the force quit command short cut might also be helpful.
  17. shes dressed up as a pin up girl with traditional style tats. if anything shes hittin the mexicano skins. and trashhhh
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