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  1. Gorditahead

    Spray Paint

    Does anybody know any information on the new sabotaz "sigma 80". In past years I had no problem using sabotaz in 0 degree winter weather. This new sigma line acts likes Chinese paint in these temps. Comes out silent, drippy, almost like a blaster cap, and stutters like CRAZY. Its pretty much unusable. Did they change where they manufacture? anybody have any useful information? anyways, pretty disappointing, I loved the old sabotaz.
  2. Aside from all the bitching...I thought i would share my thoughts out of boredom. I used this paint over the weekend for a educational event, If it were not for this water based spray paint i would not have been able to participate, and get paid for the event. It doesn't really smell at all which is nice. This paint seems to serve a specific propose, Inside work.. The next day i went and tested out the leftover cans in an abandoned building with some raw wall. It seemed to stick to the wall and cover pretty well. I used Rusto, Kilz, and Sabotaz in combination with the Liqutex paint and
  3. That was a nice one! yen34 Payup
  4. Done, Will somebody buy me a car so i can bench more? Have a great day 12oz
  5. Gorditahead

    Spray Paint

    Hal, I'm always pretty excited about finding an old valve of PT or AA but if you haven't tried the PTX2 with those trout female thin caps I would highly suggest it. Rusto seems to give me so many less problems then chinese paint and with those caps you can get yourself one smooth outline.
  6. Gorditahead

    Spray Paint

    I didn't force a NY thin into them, This happened after I took a german outline off the can, they were a bit cold, but I have had smilier things happen to these cans when they were not cold. either way its a bummer!
  7. Gorditahead

    Spray Paint

    Evovle paint, turn your speakers up for the videos... I kind of hope they fix this issue, there color selection is fantastic, and the paint is smooth, But I've had too many cans do this kinda shit to me to purchase again.
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