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  1. if an old white lady is kicking off the race war i am reallly realllly fucked.
  2. i agree. seent the mags last year. john jacobs was lookin kinda swoll up. the philosophical debates are beyond me. i don't give a fuck what most people i meet have to say to me why would i care about a pseudo-celebrities opinion? and NOE multi tasking while cooking may seem like a bitch but its better to figure out how to cook than eat a burnt meal any day. start with what will take the longest and go on down the line. throw the noodles in a pot of boiling water, the chicken and shrimp... i'd prolly throw the chicken in the oven for 3/4ths the cooking time. then put the veggies in a pan with the shrimp. sauté that shit, then combined all three in a stir fry pot and add some sauce and what not. should take like 20 minutes with prep and what not. this is off the top of my head and i'm not in a kitchen so what do i know....i am of the orient....? it really depends on how ya want your shit done and how much your cooking. if its one meal at a time and you have the chicken and shrimp pre cooked then its like a 10 minute meal cooking time.
  3. act like you didn't like this shit 15 years ago when lil wayne was like 12. WOBBLE-DEE WOBBLE-DEE WOBBLE D-D-DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT
  5. seen't this a few weeks ago. though it was shot amazingly well and the detail to the scenery was cray but it dragged on a bit more than i'd like at the end. still pretty good.
  6. shoulda went with the sweet baby rays but that does look like some tasty marinade.
  7. ooffff. be easy a diet is just a diet, its not an immortal technique revloution. most heads can't figure out how to feed themselves and that is sad. this dudes son probably knows more about eating real foods than most college kids. and that is sad too. but vegan peach/raspberry popsicles?!?!?! nothing sad about that shit br0.
  8. what about all the specimens of field mice and other types of field dwelling rodents that get scooped up when they harvest all the soy, wheat and rice? why do people just eat white rice? his son probably has way better poops then you guys though. but i'd probably wanna introduce some types of meats into the kids life so when he inevitably eats meat he won't throw up and shit all over the place.
  9. fake cheese is disappointing. i can usually handle the fake meats in moderation but i hate fake cheese. now buffalo tempe with home made vegan blue cheese and chive dressing on the other hand...
  10. is that the soy talking? just kidding. wheres the cat pictures thread?
  11. i became lactose intolerant too but i cut dairy out of my diet and couldn't poop at all. so i took lactate pills and that was way worse. now i eat some to regulate the digestion. better than having to take a fiber substitute drink. an dr. science, ya gotta do your home work. find out where your food is actually coming from. thats the point of being conscientious. go local, way easier to trust and usually real fresh.
  12. its about white trash girls that know and wanna be high class. they try sooooo fucking hard. then all you have to do is not be impressed. then talks of abortion.
  13. never been to chicago but i assume this place is good
  14. right in time for NY state's 10% welfare increase! OH BOY
  15. the original point i was trying to make is that if your not a conscientious eater then any diet will fail. have you heard of such things as "free range" "organic farm" meat? ITS FUCKING DELICIOUS. i just got excited thinking about how great the meats i get to cook and grill actually are. last week i had some organic bison meat mixed with free range lean ground beef (both local) and then to top it off i put applewood smoked bacon in that shit and devoured it. and i felt fucking great. i kind of felt like the bread in that deal was unnecessary. like i could have easily just made hot dogs wrapped in bacon and used the burgers as the buns itself. and meat sauce as the only topping. fuuuuuck. ipod90, its about to get nice out and the farmers markets should be going hard. check that shit out for your produce..... well you can pretty much get anything at those. and reasonably cheap. i try to get to my local farmers market a bit later to pick up good deals on certain foods but if you want really really fresh shit ya gotta go early. and i heard the drummer of fall out boy played in vegan reich for a bit. so bump this. then you'll look like this...if you over do the soy
  16. dr. bro you should chill. most people that try a "vegan diet" for a small period of time tend to go to there super market and buy the vegan soy frozen packaged shit. thats no way to sustain a healthy diet. so how would you avoid that? like what cali said, learn to cook. if this dude is really serious about being healthy and wants to get the most out of a vegan diet then he needs to learn what hes putting into his body, what that food does for his system and learning to cook accordingly. it has way less to do with any sort of machismo, its just being aware. once again fuck soy. learn to live off real foods....and taking a vitamin supplement or 2 really really doesn't hurt. especially when switching diets. except when you become a real manly mans man and you try the swanson. pussy!
  17. your going to do way more harm to your body unless you start eating right for the 2 weeks. whole foods, whole grain breads and what not. fuck soy. if you take all the protein out of your diet and your not replacing it (nuts, trail mix are easy to get protein), your gonna feel shitty. i usually eat like shit but when i do eat good foods it makes me feel way better and my poops are nice. i stay away from the prepackaged premade meals. its way more filling to make pasta with veggies than eating a whole box of soy burgers and developing breasts. also try taking an amino acid supplement or like an omega b or d. stay away from the multi vitamins though. shit will make you feel better for sure. even if your not going vegan. unlike today where i ate this: except it was chicken fingers instead of a hamburg and a hot. and french fries instead of home fries.
  18. fuck get all the copper and brass out of the spot and call up any referred scrap yard. then call them ahead and let them know what your bringing in and how much the shit will be a pound. if you go enough they'll hook it up. scrap yards know the hustle. find abandoned cars and take the carborators out of em. go along the rail road tracks. tons of scrap falls off of trains. and people generally dump anything around tracks. but yea watch what ya get and if its anything suspect fuck it up and stick it in the middle of your pile before you scrap it. my friend was sayin this girl was buyin a ton of baby clothes on sale at marshalls or wherever and sellin em on ebay cause a lot of people in the midwest just order shit off ebay.
  19. get spun an go to roosters. then go to a better strip club for a 5 buck steak. get weird.
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