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  1. AlwaysBombin


    I couldn't get through the week without a nap at least every other day. Boo for fucked up sleep cycles
  2. I didn't read this thread, but it looks stupid...anyways, this raises a question with me. Why are so many people scared of clowns? Is it all cause of It? I don't get it
  3. I got a $600 or so return coming...it's goin into the safe with the rest of the dough
  4. If only world leaders would learn this is the best way to solve problems
  5. Don't wear a rubber though, jus in case she's got a latex alergy. That'd just be rude WHODIE WHOOOOOO
  6. Or a comparison of how both rock and roll and hip hop are dead. Quoted post Quoted post [/b] That song with Ne-Yo is hot...yeah, I like R&B. Whatever
  7. So for some reason I decided to go see what the Bombing Science forum is like...oh god, what a mistake. My faith in humanity has been shaken and for the first time in my life I'm wondering if I should quit writing just to avoid being associated with those clowns over there in any way, shape, or form
  8. ADD is such bullshit...everyone has it apparently
  9. I've done that before, but just for fun. Fake heart attacks always give me a good laugh
  10. Never been able to get into this kind of shit
  11. Spanish soda is good...only time I can ever find strawberry is if I can't read the label
  12. We cut off some chick on the highway last night and from the other side some dude comes speedin up on us, musta been her boyfriend cuz he starts freakin out screamin at us. I just hung out the window for awhile talkin shit, watchin him get more mad...good times. No shots fired however
  13. I never had a cavity til like last year, got 2. But since I've flossed maybe 10 times my whole life I figure I'm not doin too bad
  14. Hatin on our handsomeness, yet again
  15. Entourage is the best thing to happen to TV in recent years
  16. That show was fuckin excellent...and that shit's mad niggerish, right up my alley. WHDIE WHOOOOOOOO
  17. Tonight..possibly go see dumy's new movie, eat some pizza, go home Saturday: Sleep late, go paint something, find a party to get drunk and act a fool at, eat more pizza Sunday: Sleep all day hopefully, maybe some bombin after Sopranos
  18. Porkchop commits incest whether rain or shine
  19. DON'T DO ITTTTTTTTTTT....just hold onto the dough and see what happens, you never know if it'll slip through the cracks Think of all the cousin fucking fetish films you could buy
  20. AlwaysBombin


    What the fuck...
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