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  1. I was bout to edit the post and throw a "Deto creepin" in there haha
  2. You think that's messy? Here's messy Whodie livin
  3. was there any money in it? Quoted post [/b] Nah...that would be too much awesome for one find
  4. Aren't you only 17? Quoted post [/b] Yup
  5. Yeah, everytime I'm in NY I eat the shit nonstop. Same deal with Hardees when I'm in VA
  6. I went to get the ID today, they wouldn't give it to me without my social security card which my mother lost. I went to the social security office, they wouldn't give me a replacement card without an ID. Finally after like a half hour of explaining the situation I got the bitch to give me a temporary thing verifying my ss number (no hitler), but the DMV was closed so I hafta go back tomorrow for the ID. All this fuckin bullshit just to get my GED, jesus
  7. You talkin bout that Vault energy soda bullshit that everyone tries to say tastes like Surge? Or is there somethin called Volt that's actually worth my time?
  8. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrgggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeee Oh, I miss you so
  9. Like that Crisis quote by the way, it allows me to forgive you for liking Nice Slice
  10. Any of you whodies ever comin out to RI get at me, triple stacks flow like water with me
  11. I'm asusmin you mean Casertas, and yeah, that shit's real good too Sicilias got ill deep dish
  12. FUCK NICE SLICE...goddamnit I hate that place But I do remember a period where Antonios wasn't that great, they got new ovens and were fuckin up on how long to reheat the shit
  13. I got fired a few weeks ago, but since I have minimal bills and alot of saved up cash I'm just kickin back relaxin..feels good
  14. You from New England? haha
  15. Does anyone else on here watch Beautiful People? I seriously don't know a sigle other person who does, but that show's excellent
  16. That's a definite good find...I found a real cool old cash register on the trash. Carried it like a half hour home, shit was heavy as a muthafucka too
  17. Yeah we do...NY System fo scheezy
  18. Oh if I'm wearin somethin as an undershirt I'll wear that shit til it's fallin apart
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