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  1. Quoted post [/b] Bumpin it to a new page cuz it's damn funny
  2. I prank people with this shit all the time...you catch someone who's nice and drunk and it can be pure comedy The best is when you can actually get the operator laughing
  3. Haha, I always like to end the day on a high note Night team
  4. The man certainly loves his wine
  5. Oh it's not the pink that got you there...perhaps you should go see for yourself
  6. Fresh cut pinneaple is mad good Oh yeah, Pfx10t...just like to warn you, you just made homo thread
  7. The black kids bout to whoop ol girls ass for that fish
  8. I'll steal you one from someone else, still gunna cost ya ChiefRackATonOfShit of that RunningQuickly tribe WHODIE WHOOOOO
  9. Nothin in this world is free, even for my fellow handsome folk
  10. I don't think she could handle a step down in quality like that...Razr to that piece of shit might be hard on her. I could "find" another Razr for ya haha
  11. Razr is the one I give wifey when her mom takes her phone from her...aside from the Sidekick they're all prepaid, serve various purposes
  12. 2? Those are just the 2 I really like...I'm livin that Whodie life
  13. If he does he'd be the first man ever...me and my futrue mother in law have wished death upon eachother pretty much from day one
  14. I've stolen alot of wallets...generally I drop the license and what not into a mailbox
  15. I have a Sidekick2 for T-Mobile and a SLVR for Cingular, I like both alot so yeah
  16. I've drunk dialed mass amounts of people on New Years...my two personal favs are 1) I called a friend and told her "Yo you know what, one day I am definately gunna insert my penis into ya vagina" and 2) I called another friend and left him a message sayin "Yo man what the fuck are you doin? You're prolly havin sex with (insert girlfriends name) right now but yo that shit ain't too impressive cuz bitch is ugly...anyways HAPPY NEW YEARS MUTHAFUCKA, CALL ME BACK"
  17. Yeah everyone seems to have a real nice house...only reason I'm livin decent is cuz I haven't hit 18 yet and I'm still home. Give it a few months and I'm gunna be certified shithole status
  18. Don't gotta be an OG to answer this...Jessica Alba all day, no matter what the situation
  19. What the fuck is wrong with this dude? Returned a fuckin mil wiorth of shit, I sincerely hope someone close to him reminds him of this anytime he even looks like he's gunna bitch about workin hard. Fuckin douchebag
  20. She'd love it <!--QuoteBegin-dumy@Mar 29 2006, 04:58 PM after you photoshop swatistkas on her breasts of course.. Quoted post :haha: Keepin it whodie Still wanna see the naked pictures of that bitch
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