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  1. BLASPHEMY! Homeward Bound is cinematic genius Quoted post [/b] Just restating my point
  2. BLASPHEMY! Homeward Bound is cinematic genius
  3. Generally that's true, but my sister got some serious skills
  4. Come now people...let's not turn this into Crossfire. There's a reason I don't go there
  5. My fellow whites are so silly sometimes...I personally get along better with the darkies Except if I'm goin to a movie theatre, then I wanna be as far away as possible
  6. Go watch Canadian Bacon, you'll learn everything you need to know
  7. This is why I'm not a millionaire. I just can't think "outside the atmosphere" Quoted post [/b] <!--QuoteBegin-suburbian bum@Apr 19 2003, 02:33 AM They never landed on the moon. But they have been in space. Quoted post Neil Armstrongs gunna bitchslap you if you keep talkin like that
  8. You've got some fuckin horrible luck
  9. Why does my girl's mom hate me so much?
  10. I don't see the issue here
  11. Rarely Followin Laws- My dude Young C Support my team
  12. AlwaysBombin


    Didn't know they modded ps2's...I have a friend who mods Xbox's and PSP's but yeah Pointless post First
  13. Stealing from house parties is mad whodie. I know I do it...that's why I don't have parties
  14. AlwaysBombin

    bed thread

    Co-signed...except I actually don't take any precautions. Pull out and hope your timings good
  15. Bump, just for bein damn handsome
  16. AlwaysBombin


    I can't fuck with video games, although I do still bust out some Sonic once in awhile The Godfather game does look crazy dope
  17. I was just about to make that post. Ass.
  18. The fact that the dude typed out "OONTZ" makes this thread worth a look
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