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  1. fuck that he is hands down one of the greatest out there now. "my name is bruce bruce, not fat bruce or big bruce. its BRUCE BRUCE" that OJ crack had me on day one.
  2. rass kass' can rip, his flow is ill but kinda simple, im looking for shit right now with more composition, pretty much shit like game, how he dont leave many gaps between bars and shit, more vocab, more fluid. so yeah, holla at me with some shit like that niggas. edit: fav rass kass rhyme: "18 years old told to kill where saddams at but cant have a gat to protect where my moms at" so yeah...he ill
  3. give me a track list homie. i aint really fuck with banks but im in a transitional stage in life right now so fuck it i'll try anything.
  4. i still dont Quoted post [/b] me neither, and im one of them.
  5. regardless he still better than half the signed rappers out there, and mero is right, his charges were fucking bullshit, bring 50 niggas to my house, and id do the same shit if i had an AK. cass crushes in battles, i fuck with him. i aint saying he's the best, but he aint no bush. edit:all you MTV guzzeling bitches need to get the AM/PM tape(or whatever its called), then talk shit.
  6. no way is that your real bed! edit: did my research. thesis proven
  7. i miss the old tease. BRING HIM BACK!
  8. yeah you're right. im in fuck life mode right now though, my boy got shot in the leg twice two nights ago, 3 nights ago my ex tried to kill her self, so ima take my anger out on this nigga, the smart thing to do. oh yeah and art of story telling was bomb shit, been meaning to see that for a while. how the hell did nace die, anyone? same thing with dondi, how he die?
  9. monday night im going to look for his car. i know what hood he dipped into after i bounced. if im lucky he lives right behind it, this neighborhood with a lotta retired cops and shit(this does not phaze me one bit), makes sense. im serriouslly gonna fuck this dudes life up if i catch up to him.
  10. it 8onus bitches, i got new joints, i got a nikon f50 now so this is kinda my color debut, i still dont got a grip with this this yet but heres some shit from my boys show last night.
  11. on another note: is art of storytelling any good?
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