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  1. Haha exactly...angry white teenager syndrome, yahmean
  2. You should make one that says "I'm a faggot"...a lil truth in advertising, yahmean?
  3. I'm the worst drunk dialer in the world...I call people I don't even really like askin them why we don't hang out, call friends to tell em how much I love em and apolagize for bein an ass all the time, call random girls and ex's to tell em exactly how bad I wanna fuck em, and my all time favorite...call my mother to tell her what a whore I think she is
  4. My parents have kicked me out for numerous things, droppin out wasn't one of em. It must bother them that I can do fine without em though, cuz everytime after a few days they call me demanding I come home
  6. My boy who works at a movie theatre said when cleanin them out you find mad dough
  7. Caught that too...bein that tall would suck
  8. Haha, that's a fuckin dope picture
  9. thats the chick that carried the mase. you can see her ass naked just about anywhere online. Quoted post [/b] POST EM <!--QuoteBegin-GEEB@Mar 28 2006, 09:24 PM ^does that work? i heard it was a myth because of the chemical compound that gas is made out of that sugar will not mix with gas like water would instead it just settles at the bottom of the tank doing nothing to the car. anybody know whats up? Quoted post As far as I know it works as long as there's not alot of gas in the car, cuz in that case it'll dissolve before it can do any damage And really, this problem sucks, but as long as you fuck your cousin everything will be alright
  10. This movie actually doesn't look too bad..if anyone can find me a link for it I'd be grateful
  11. Fuckin whores is mad whodie, some of you people seem to be confused
  12. Still got one near my crib...mozzarella sticks are off the hook
  13. Yes..and Jimmy Hart was on Hogan Knows Best yesterday with Brian Knobs from Nasty Boys...I find it amusing how all the old school wrestlers actually hang out in real life, that shit would bug me out to walk into a restaurant and see them
  14. I'll co-sign that, but I'll bet dude doesn't walk through the hood like that anyways, so it's all fun and games
  15. Restaurants are alot harder then most people realize...when you get a big rush the kitchen is a fuckin madhouse, I'm surprised more people don't get stabbed back there. Nothing worse then tryin to work a rush with someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're doin, I'd rather be alone
  16. Seems to be the way it usually works
  17. I've had this dream for quite some time
  18. Only time I ever had that happen was when I got stung by mad jellyfish in VA...those lil fucks her me puking up everything that touched my stomach for a day straight
  19. Apparently the cousin won't be available for incest til Friday...so we wait
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