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  1. Anyone who's in RI, hit up Antonios...shits incredible
  2. House parties, major department stores...whatever
  3. I generally "aquire" my more expensive articles of clothing, while I do indeed buy my tee's that I only wear once. They tend to be black or red though, not a fan of white
  4. And speakin of the assistant..I just clicked it and now I'm the #1 poster. I feel like I need a day off from the internet or somethin
  5. I hafta go to the DMV today to get an ID just to take my GED test That was alot of acronyms or however the fuck you spell it
  6. We're too handsome for him to react any other way
  7. Yeh, me either...by everyone I meant alot of people, especially in the MySpace realm
  8. I feel this page is lacking a good WHODIE WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. I swear, everyone has one of those stupid tin foil pictures
  10. Good luck Deets, hope your mom stays handsome
  11. Crocodile's good...tasted like a rough porkchop
  12. I'm assumin your girl would be more worried bout other things that went down
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