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  1. Yeah...I stabbed a man in the heart, with a trident
  2. I like petite girls, with lots of ass I had a girl who was 5'0, 95 lbs (and no she didn't look like a 10 year old, I didn't even believe her until she actually got on a scale in front of me), and like 15 of that shit was ass...that was perfect in my mind
  3. Atmosphere's alright...personally I prefer Brother Ali
  4. I actually like Maroon 5...and Justin Timberlake isn't bad I can't believe I just admitted that...trust me, the rest of my iPod has gangsta rap. I swear
  5. For once I got a girlfriend I really like, but her parents are fuckin psychotic and today she got caught bunkin school at my crib so yeah, back to only seein her when I sneak in at night...oh well In general though, relationships suck
  6. I'm goin to see him tomorrow night...show already got postponed once so I expect double the hilarity damnit
  7. Only thing worse than a Jew is a black Jew...fuckin Sammy Davis Jr steez I keed, I keed
  8. I went to one of the top 10 public high schools in the country...had a B average my freshmen year, then spent sophmore and junior year breakin every rule possible and literally doing NOTHING (i took a total of less than 10 tests between both years). I'm not sure how I passed sophmore, but I failed junior year and didn't go back. Gotta get my GED soon
  9. I have an oldschool Ninja Gaiden arcade machine I got for 30 bucks...I'll stick with that
  10. "Yo...can I have your controller at least?" Anyways, I picked one up for $275 the other day...I haven't opened it yet, tryin to decide whether to keep it or EBay that muthafucka
  11. I work at a cafe too, with a real cute girl with a boyfriend...but all I did was make out with her a buncha times and get her to break up with him. I feel like I got fuckin jewed now
  12. I'm leavin for Virginia tomorrow, gunna surprise my Grandma I haven't seen in a few years...all I know is she better have dinner rolls, plenty of gravy, and cherry pie. I thoroughly enjoy the other shit, but that's what it's all about for me
  13. Today I picked some shit up, got a haircut, sold some shit, hung out with a buncha the homies, got ill drunk, then went to the movies with a buncha coworkers and almost beat the piss out of some girl I fuck's with boyfriend Tomorrow I'm workin 8-2, no idea what after, then back to work 6-9 Sunday I do a paper route in the mornings (yes I know that's gay, fuck it) so I hafta be up at 4:30...finish that as soon as possible, sleep, then work 2-close
  14. Oh trust, I know that already haha
  15. No dice bro. Gringostatus is not exactly looked favorably upon for the sex0rz. Quoted post [/b] Damnit...I'll just hafta stick to DR then
  16. I got a homie who fuckin lives to eat the box...he eats ass too. I mean seriously, there's like no fuckin space between em anyways, if you're gunna eat 1 the other ain't much worst
  17. I made this post in the brown fever thread, but it now occurs to me that its far more relevent here so yeh...it's all about the half asian half white chicks...I used to fuck with this Italian and Filipino girl, she had my mind fucked up for years, bitch was baaaaad
  18. No need to roll the eys, just goin with the traditional "buddy, pal, chief" line of name calling
  19. I also feel it is quite the good attitude, pal
  20. Iono man, the whole pussy eatin thing just ain't for me If a bitch don't like it, too bad
  21. Raggaeton is fuckin horrible, that shit makes my head wanna pop. Spanish in general gives me a headache, but my 2 best friends are Spanish, I'm at their house 24/7, and their Mom is like mine so I had to learn to live with the music...man, I still can't listen to Raggaeton. I won't front though, sometimes at a party I gotta ignore the pounding headache and hit the dancefloor anyways cuz girls get freak nasty to that shit By the way, all this shit bout Puerto Rican bitches bein hard to get, wassup with playin the American card? Cuz I know in DR if you're American you got bitches throwin themselves at you...I kinda just always assumed it was the same
  22. I'll never eat the box...I really wanted to fuck around with an ex one night, so I offered to do it, but backed out quite quickly
  23. I have a very hard time shitting anywhere but my own house...when I was on vacation I held it for 4 days, that wasn't fun
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