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  1. You can just send that box to my house and I will look through them for you, it's cool.
  2. That stuff Elizabeth posted is hot, especially the line work
  3. Fuck me man. This shit is hot.
  4. If you are talking actual abbey's i'd go with these for starters: As for Belgians and strongs I would reccomend: Belgians aren't really my thing, but there are some really good ones out there.
  5. that's pussy shit... this topic came up in the Team Alco thread, and some of the guys were being stupid going on about "well hit that bitch...blah blah" if you hit women you are a fucking bitch. period.
  6. congratulations man, I really hope I am lucky enough to have a son some day.
  7. drinking some of this stuff among other things tonight, it's good shit.
  8. i like that last one Bojangles, but my favorite is the one on page 2 with the tree. that is hot.
  9. no, you just put in the 3 letter code and it will take you to the download screen.
  10. that venom piece is ill, as are many of the others.
  11. Re: motorbikes! yeah, no doubt dude. when my dad got his CRF450 he asked me if i wanted to ride it, but it took me ten damn minutes to start the thing. that's pretty much the only downfall of the 4-strokes.
  12. Re: motorbikes! i can not ride the day after drinking, especially if i was hungover. i need to get my damn shoulder fixed so i can get back on my bike.
  13. that joker stuff gives me wood. seeking, i like the metal work, especially the first one, in the photo it looks like it has a woodgrain-esque appearance, which i am a big fan of.
  14. ill, revise has some hot stuff too.
  15. Re: motorbikes! did you consider that he may be saying that the KTM's the better bike because it is 2,000 dollars more? i have heard the KTM's have good motor's, but the handling holds the bike back, especially the linkage-less rear suspension. i am not trying to be a dick, i am glad you got a good bike at a decent price. enjoy it.
  16. yeah, i am buying them for the labels dude. I already had the Left Hand Imperial Stout and it was one of the better imperial stouts i have tried, and the Victory Storm IS is supposed to be one of the best available in my area. i have had the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and enjoyed it, and have heard that the 90 Minute is much better. I haven't had to many barleywine's, but everything else i have had from Avery has been pretty good, so i thought i'd give it a try. don't try to clown me to make yourself feel better, dude.
  17. since i finally turned 21 i have been picking up some stuff i have wanted to try for a while. i figured this would be the place to post them
  18. Re: motorbikes! i would say you made a good choice from what i have heard, but i haven't had a chance to ride one of the new KTM's, so i may be biased.
  19. Re: motorbikes! beware of the linkage-less rear suspension. aside from that, they are supposed to be good bikes. all i know is their top factory racer jumped ship to a company that uses linkages, whether it was the money or the equipment is hard to tell.
  20. dude, it's all about being imported_... like me, that's proof you're old school
  21. i've been hearing about this for quite some time, but this is the first trailer or anything that i have seen for it. the story is very good, hopefully it comes out decent.
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