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  1. Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout isn't much to write home about. Texas heads that don't already know should give this stuff a shot, it's pretty solid: Independence Brewing Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout
  2. I've been toying with the idea of trying to find a Delta Elite. I have heard good things about 10mm rounds themselves, I just wish it was more readily available. How does it shoot?
  3. Damn, I forgot all about this girl until seeing this picture. Wasn't it Dee38 that initially found her, or am I all fucked up?
  4. Nice, that stuff was really good fresh. I guess some of the bottles developed infections though, how was the one you had? I think I still have a bottle or two sitting around somewhere.
  5. A friend shared a bottle of Westvleteren with me and it was very, very good. It is pretty pricey to get a bottle in the US, but I have heard it isn't too bad in Europe. The sad thing is the cost of getting a bottle here is starting to seem less and less crazy with the way domestic craft beer prices are rising. Here's what I started the day with:
  6. Quality stuff, thanks for sharing.
  7. Yeah, it definitely looks like it's leading in a different direction from your usual stuff.
  8. Flies in them? Their barley wine is pretty terrible, so I can't disagree with you there.
  9. Sounds like you got rid of it. If so, why?
  10. Yeti is their strongest offering in my opinion, but they are pretty solid overall. It's funny, because their Barrel Aged Yeti was sub-par and the Barrel Aged Ruffian was pretty offensive.
  11. This is pretty solid: Evpatria Report- Maar
  12. I think this will be my next firearm purchase, unfortunately it will have to wait a little while since my tool bill is a bit excessive: Sig Sauer P226
  13. Cigar City is stilla relatively new brewery, and seems to be having a little trouble with batch consistency for some of their beers. If you like sweet, malty beers, you should give their Big Sound Scotch Ale a try if you haven't already. It's rich, but good. Here's what I have to start my evening:
  14. Love the owl and Robocop shit.
  15. Some beers can certainly benefit from some time (mostly lambics), but I have come to realize that most common beer styles are better enjoyed as fresh as possible. With that being said, I have a closet full of beers that began as beers I was intending on aging. I am slowly drinking what I have and don't plan to keep much beer for the purpose of aging with a few exceptions. All that jibber-jabber aside, I had these last night: Awesome stuff, I wish we could still get it around here. This bottle was about a year old and didn't seem quite as good as when I had the stuff fresh about a year back, but it was still enjoyable.
  16. I am interested to see where you go (or don't go) with that Lewis. Keep us updated.
  17. Yes. Prima Pils to start off the day today. Also, I had this the other day and it was pretty dang good. Ohio heads should check it out if they have a chance:
  18. Yeah, the red Keystone is regular, while the black is Keystone Ice. It's all pretty foul stuff.
  19. Yeah, this page is continuing to bring it. I also enjoy your stuff Clemenzas.
  20. Nice find Styleisking, that's good shit.
  21. Fuck yes, Bam Biere is where it's at. I have one 12 ounce bottle left of that stuff that has to be about 3 years old by now, it should be nice and funky. This is what I am going to have after dinner:
  22. Certainly worth a listen if you are into instrumental rock.
  23. About to open a bottle of this:
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