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  1. Some pretty interesting stuff. That FFFound website seems pretty cool. I was actually surprised how much of the stuff I enjoyed after browsing the first couple pages.
  2. Damn, this page fucking rules. Maybe I will have some time to get back into dong some stuff since I am finishing up school soon, but it would be a mockery to include it here.
  3. Digging that "Call of the Wild" piece Bo, keep doing your thing.
  4. Fat Tire is one of my least favorite New Belgium beers. It is decent, but I would choose most of their other stuff over that. 1554, Trippel, Abbey, Biere de Mars, Frambozen, etc.
  5. Word. I just tried Double Wide IPA and Saison from Boulevard last week, both were pretty good. As for Arrogant Bastard, it isn't that hoppy. Ruination from Stone is much more hoppy, and I actually like it better. There are a number of others that are just as hoppy/bitter that are great beers. For example: Pizza Port Hop 15, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, Surly Furious, etc. Many people can't get enough hops in there beer, unfortunately for them, the hop shortage we are in right now is really hurting beers such as IPA's and IIPA's.
  6. Wow...I used to fucking suck. Real beers: Bells Expedition Alesmith Speedway Stout Russian River Supplication Oskar Blues Ten Fidy New Belgium La Folie
  7. Hell yeah, that shit is fire.
  8. Daaaaamn, too much good stuff in here to even name what I like the most. Quality thread.
  9. That Tom McGrath stuff is ill, thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice additions Poesia, I can't even decide which work I like the most.
  11. Re: motorbikes! Oh, you mean the cool bikes? For real though, that one paint scheme is awesome.
  12. Um, it's true. Your work makes me feel bad about myself.
  13. I like it, maybe not the triangular shape of the boxes so much, but the concept itself is cool. I also like that you can still see the woodgrain, that is hot.
  14. I'm not too big on road bikes, but this bike from the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show caught my eye. Check the wheels, the only thing connecting the hubs to the rims is a clear disc (i'd imagine lexan?).
  15. I like how you forgot one of the best beers they make... 18-23% alcohol depending on the vintage.
  16. Whatever man, I liked it. You can take the compliment or not.
  17. Fuck yeah seeking, I love this.
  18. Yeah, definitely ill. One of my favorites (this was the best picture I could find in a quick search:
  19. Agreed. A thick girl with nice tits is where it's at.
  20. Definitely good stuff. Most of their stuff is quite good.
  21. damn Lox, I really like that. This thread has helped me realize I like abstracts a lot more than I thought I did.
  22. I dig that last one Poesia, and the "antique" stuff you posted up looks cool too. Elizabeth, I like that one you posted as well.
  23. yeah, that last one from seeking is hot.
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