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  1. i am not riding his dick, i am simply pointing out the fact you dont have the right to give anyone advice
  2. shut up i have seen your stuff, you suck
  3. alright just checking man...i didnt want you to think i stiffed you if you want to post them or whatever, go ahead. i am going to get yours scanned sometime and post them up if you dont mind
  4. yo man, did you ever get my emial? i sent it about 2 weeks ago or so zire- did you ever get my stickers bro?
  5. i agree...it is hard to stop staring at this piece. quite amazing i'm also felling slime's and heavy's stuff...looking good guys
  6. dude...i am not trying to be a dick, but you are not very good and at least this kid is taking it simple before getting ahead of himself. dont give him any shit
  7. word dude, it's cool, it just seems like peope are more willing to trade if they are able to see your work before hand...that's all thanks man, hope you liked your stickers
  8. starzabove... if you want to post those stickers i sent you go ahead.. later dude
  9. Re: STICKER PAGE 1 & 3 mine should be there in the next couple of days
  10. damn...fuck that man. i probably would have actually cried if i put that much work into something just to never see it again. that book would have been bad ass too...though if i were to get a copy, i am sure i would get a mixture of drool, urine, and feces on it because i wouldnt be able to control my bodily functions
  11. damn bro...this is super hot, so is that last one you posted and i love those aztec sketches too we should definitely trade some stickers
  12. i want this one...i will send you my ex girlfriend for it
  13. Re: ANOTHER STICKER BOOK UPDATE THANX TO.. i have tried to email you like 2 times to no avail... i thought we were gonna trade some stickers? maybe you should try mailing me
  14. Re: canvas man zone...that is hot. i'll give ya 20 bucks for it:D
  15. it's cool bro...i think i sent you an email a day two ago, did you not get it?
  16. Re: I'LL POST MINE!! you are a lucky bastard, i like that revise:dazed:
  17. Re: Re: Re: DEVILUSH?? NO ANSR TO MY QUESTION? word son... your's are almost done, give me another day or two, then i'll have them out hecz...you got mail erizeno...you lucky bastard! hah, your stuff is hot bro, i really like the first one. we should trade some stickers too
  18. Re: DEVILUSH?? NO ANSR TO MY QUESTION? ...i would pay my soul for these
  19. wow al...this is a beauty. great job
  20. that stuff is hot hecz...want to trade a few stickers? die is definitely killing shit, good job bro
  21. just messing with you a little...i'm not done yet either
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