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  1. I have heard Black Fox mentioned a few times, but still have yet to try their beer. I guess I need to make a trip down south, especially considering saison's are my favorite style.
  2. I'll throw Smuttynose some love too. I haven't got to try much of their regular line up, but I really liked their Baltic Porter and Imperial Stout. I wish it wasn't so hard to get a hold of around these parts.
  3. Damn, I didn't even notice that on first glance.
  4. Duck Rabbit's Baltic Porter is a standout, but their regular line up is also pretty solid. I actually have a friend that works there as a brewer, he's a pretty cool dude.
  5. Has a specific release date actually been set for these yet? Waiting times will probably be ridiculous once they are released.
  6. Never, and I never plan to go. Every person I have met from Australia has been an asshole, so I really don't have any desire to visit the place.
  7. Wow, you're a fucking tough guy. Australia is a piece of shit backwash nation, they don't even deserve to have beer.
  8. I agree with this 100%. You are just fucking lazy.
  9. Yeah, it's more of a bummer since it was something I had to special order rather than just something I can pick up anytime. I have heard from a number of people that Pennsylvania beer laws are fucked up beyond belief, I plan on staying clear of that mess. Beer prices are retarded as it is.
  10. Yeah, from people I know personally I have only heard good things about Kimbers (well, aside from one guy that said his Custom had some problems feeding early in its life, but I guess that's a non-issue now). I do remember reading a fair amount about some models they released with external extractors that had a bunch of issues consistently ejecting casing. It was so bad they eventually returned to internal extractors. That has me a little spooked, but I can't for the life of me see how they would risk putting anything out that would have similar issues when they already went through it once.
  11. Anyone here have/handled one of these yet? I am considering looking into one once I hear a little more about their functionality/reliability.
  12. Get a case of this (ten days old): Proceed to being diagnosed with the flu and being unable to drink it. Fuck being sick.
  13. I wasn't all that high on the Chipotle Porter. I tried it after seeing some earlier posts in this thread, but it wasn't my thing. It seemed chalky and medicinal, like someone crushed up some gross pills in it. To each their own, some people seem to love it. This stuff was pretty good though:
  14. I love hoppy beers also, I just wasn't impressed with Hoptimum. On the other hand, it appears I need to see if that Trout Hop is available around here. The consensus seems to be that it's pretty good.
  15. I have read about a lot of reliability problems with Sig Misquitos. If I remember correctly, earlier models were much more prone to having problems (mainly jamming and failure to feed, I believe). I guess even the newer ones, which have some of the kinks worked out, are really picky about ammo and seem to only work reliably with one or two brands of ammo.
  16. Ehh, I am aware of Beer Advocate and I despise it. That being said, I am a member of Ratebeer and actively rate beers there, mainly so I can keep a catalogue of what I have had and whether I enjoyed it or not. The only problem I see with sites like that is that a lot of the time people will rate a beer based on what they think it should be, or what others have told them it should be, rather than just giving their own opinions on the beer. It seems like once something starts getting good reviews no one wants to go against the grain and be the naysayer. I don't have a problem with it.
  17. Those are pretty cool. I dig the second one.
  18. A pretty cool album if you are into sort of jazzy-orchestra istrumental mash ups. My description sucks, the album doesn't.
  19. I don't know, maybe I got a bad bottle. It was supposedly only a few weeks old, so I don't think freshness was an issue. Who knows though, you could try it and love it.
  20. I found that Hoptimum from Sierra Nevada to be pretty disappointing. Sharp, abrasice hops (and not in the enjoyable way) and too much residual sugar created an almost medicinal taste. I do wonder if there is any Noble Pils floating around here though.
  21. Indeed! Killer stuff Shortfuse.
  22. Estivale? Also, Brandy Barrel Old Stock was one of the best beers I have ever had. The Boubon was good, but not quite as good.
  23. Last year's Nocturnum was very good. I need to get down south and hit up Trinity again soon, it was really solid.
  24. Yeah, much better (and cheaper) than Older Viscosity also.
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