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  1. Got damn...this page is awesome thus far.
  2. Most of New Belgium's stuff is trash...I know that better than anyone else. But if you can get a fresh keg (really the only benefit of living 5 minutes from the brewery) of Blue Paddle or Ranger for $40 you are doing ok. New Belgium really fucked up when they decided to change the bottling of La Folie and quit bottle conditioning it. That was really the beer that allowed me to hold them in any sort of high regard, and they fucked it all up. I don't know if I would be getting to puffed up over Weyerbacher though, most of their stuff is ehhh, aside from Double Simcoe IPA.
  3. Quality stuff for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  4. We keep Blue Paddle in the kegerator pretty regularly around here. It's a real nice beer to have around whenever you want to knock one or two down. Ranger certainly isn't the best, but it's much better on tap than it is out of the bottle. We have gotten a couple kegs of that since it came out, and it's pretty solid for the price.
  5. If you or any of the other guys want to try a real lambic you should look for something from Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen. Here are a couple good lambics that are relatively easy to find: Cantillon Gueuze Cantillon Kriek Girardin Black Label Geuze Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek Geuze's will be more straight up tart and funky, while kriek's will be more fruity considering they are brewed with cherries, but most aren't overly sweet at all. The only downside is the cost. Real lambics aren't cheap, they are brewed almost exclusively in Belgium and the price gets inflated a pretty fair amount. It's worth a shot though, especially if you are into tart, acidic, funky flavors. They certainly aren't for everyone though.
  6. Curieux is pretty good shit. Allagash as a whole is a really solid brewery. Today I went German for a while, and had a Schlenkerla Weizen, Urbock, and they a Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen. Now I am drinking some of this (the freshest batch I could find):
  7. My friend and I found a dildo in the woods when we were younger. It was called "Double Trouble," one for the cunt and one for the butt. We left it there and tied to go back a show some other friends a week or so later, but it was gone.
  8. It's Alive is good shit, very Orval-esque in it's mustiness.
  9. Yeah, maybe they stopped producing them altogether. It was bad ass to be able to but a sixer of Bam for $10 or so. Now it's $10 for a 750. Lame.
  10. Yeah, they are nice. Unfortunately their prices have gone up considerably in recent years (as have pretty much all beer prices), and that coupled with the fact we only get 750's here instead of six packs means I don't drink nearly as much of it as I used to. I miss Bam Biere in sixers.
  11. If you dug it and want to try one of the best smoked beers (the smoked malts are what give the beer that meaty flavor) with that bacon kick try Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock:
  12. Drinking this right now: God damn Brasserie DuPont is good at what they do.
  13. I dig it also, it reminds me of coral. Nice work Poly.
  14. Yeah, that is pretty bad ass watson.
  15. Indeed. I like that piece. The Poesia is very nice also.
  16. That Alex Couwenberg stuff is very enjoyable, I will have to do some more looking.
  17. That's my favorite from you in a while Bojangles, love the composition.
  18. Jesus, this thread continues to impress me every time I check it out.
  19. It reminds me of a pelican. I guess it's the large gray space in the lower left hand corner below the eye, that space in relation to the other elements just reminds me of the lower bill of a pelican. I like it. Pelicans are ill.
  20. Very cool choice. I would throw out the Buick Grand National also (basically the same body with a pretty hot turbo-charged 6 cylinder). Here is a favorite of mine, my dad and I finally ponied up and got one for ourselves to tinker with: 66-67 Chevy Nova
  21. Last one looks pretty nice, may have to look into it.
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