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  1. here's the helmet i am going to be rocking in the near future, at $150, it is a killer deal for the quality.
  2. that dune rally shit is crazy man... i've seen some clips of guys going as fast as 70mph clearing entire dunes... anyone who has ridden in sand knows how crazy that shit is
  3. some stuff from a recent bike show in Indy... new twin pipe honda's David Bailey Replica Bike & Helmet Aprilla Supermoto these mini's are getting so popular... New TLD helmet girl in cowboy boots i know no one cares, but fuck it
  4. is that the v-twin one? did it actually go into production?
  5. that supermoto shit is scary... i rode my uncles Husaberg 750, that he basically had a supermoto setup on, without the slicks and i felt like i was going to shit myself. of course i was only like 16 and weighed about 145, i'm sure it would be a bit different now
  6. yeah, me too... i have a Kawasaki MXer right now, last time i went to the track (which is a fair distance from the house) the thing shat out on me and wouldn't start...i got so fucking pissed. luckily, with my dad getting a new one i get his old Honda...that thing rides smooth. for now i am holding down bike status, but next week is spring break and shit is going down.
  7. wow...props man. i really like that stuff love to see fellow CO heads getting funky
  8. here's the bike my dad just got... it isn't street, but it is nice and as far as helmets go, this shit is tight... as far as Honda being the most dependable of the Japanese 4... definitely. yamaha is the next in line, but still a far cry away from honda
  9. wowsa... wow. i forget what i was going to say
  10. dude...could you sell me sketch/ small canvas? just like an 8 x 8 or something, if you're down man, just shoot me an email
  11. this shit is hot man, do you sell your stuff?
  12. dead...heat man tough...looks nice, i'd like to see it finished
  13. dead...i know this ain't much as far as feedback, but i like that shit just how it is. i think adding anything more would just make it too busy and take away from your piece. nice work...
  14. hot stuff revise... that first one is my favorite too
  15. hey i want a bunny... i don't really have anything to trade, but i think we could make a deal? send me a message if you are interested
  16. fuck yeah...hummingbirds are tight at my house we have a large bay window where we used to put flowers, but those crazy bastards would slam right into the window trying to get to the flowers. it made me really sad finding them outside all fucked up
  17. i enjoy everything on this page... that pizza box shit is gangster
  18. vapors... this isn't what you're looking for is it? prince of persia or same game, healthier looking torrent
  19. a new prince of persia?? sweeet if you would be so kind, could you shoot me an email with a step by step explanation of putting games onto cds and making them work in a ps2? i have read and reread this thread but it just isn't clear. i have checked some other spots as well but i just get too confused. if you don't have time or whatever, i understand... i'll keep my eyes out for that torrent
  20. yeah man, i really like the one of ironman... very high quality
  21. nice man...i especially like the first one if i had any dough i'd probably take it off your hands, but i am dead broke
  22. just...that butterfly shit is awesome, nice work
  23. damn dude, that's shitty. thanks for the info though... RIP Jim Aparo
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