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  1. that sink is fucking bad... my dad has a sweet mustache, one time one of his bosses' told him to cut it off or risk being fired, and he told the boss to fuck himself. needless to say, he has the mustache and the job still
  2. yeah, it's all about the red rocket
  3. yeah, even the color scheme is eerily similar.
  4. yeah, i knew that, that's why it gets a pass. if they couldn't match the sound to english speaking actors it would have grinded on me a little bit.
  5. this movie was ill... some of the sound-dubbing sucked, but it was pretty easy to overlook.
  6. Re: motorbikes! here are some more pictures, i fucked up and only posted one:
  7. Re: motorbikes! as you guys may know i ride offroad, not streetbikes, but i found this on a motocross forum, and thought you guys may be interested. i don't know anything about it as far as specs go though, sorry. 2007 Husqvarna STR650 CRC
  8. imported_splint2


    shit...i think i like halo now.
  9. word...i enjoyed this movie. you know of anything else similar to this in terms of plot?
  10. i agree, skulls and stars. it's getting way to played out.
  11. i definitely dig that shit Lord, nice work
  12. good to see this shit is still kicking... i am going to try and post some stuff up soon
  13. Re: motorbikes! damn it, i can't see the picture that is making everyone happy
  14. Re: motorbikes! those pants are damn tight...
  15. holy shit man... crazy. what's up with that suit? i have been out of the loop for a long time.
  16. just- damn man, i wish you were in debt to me.
  17. hot shit man...you got a bigger photo? peace
  18. spade...that is fucking killer man. i love that.
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