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  1. just...that butterfly shit is awesome, nice work
  2. damn dude, that's shitty. thanks for the info though... RIP Jim Aparo
  3. when did he die dude? i have a bunch of batman comics from back when he was the main artist, including the Death In The Family series, his basic style has been a favorite of mine ever since i got those comics
  4. this is brewed here so we can get it for real cheap. not my favorite, but it is pretty good. i like everything new castle brown corona guiness moosehead etc
  5. i know we aren't supposed to quote pictures, but these are fucking tight geez... keep that shit up
  6. THEMEDIC...hot shit dude, i especially like the first one. Chris Silva is tight, i wrote a paper about him for visual arts, the teacher loved his work
  7. capa- that "i will eat you" is tight man, nice work
  8. that purple flower pic just does it for me. much beautiful stuff... i need to get my camera working, damn nice stuff people
  9. joker...wow, that's a bummer.. i always enjoyed seeing your new work...
  10. thanks for the heads up joker, much appreciated you got any new stuff we havent seen?
  11. Hal... all that shit is hot, i really like the yellow/purple one
  12. this shit is fucking hot man... nice work. do you have any work for sale? if so, would you mind shooting me an email?
  13. zealot...hot stuff TS...big fan of the stuff you have been posting lately anti-matter...that stuff is fucking beautiful
  14. hecz...so what's happening? some guy was acting like he was you? pherz...hot shit
  15. nice ass stickers hecz.... want to send me some? ;)
  16. those pinwins are fucking hot... nice stuff pawn
  17. 13 Liter- el camino bitch! el camino's are sweet, we got one at home
  18. i am really digging your shit zealot... i am also strangely attracted to your stuff TS
  19. that last post was intense... i like the quiter and wierdoh...sort of reminds me of beardos stuff
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