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  1. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? Wait am I in CH.0?
  2. Following my namesake: Ive been there. Looks kinda small from a distance, but once you get inside the place you realize how large it really is. Would be insanely intimidating for the common person visiting there or anyone trying to take over the place.
  3. Strained my back on friday. Basically posted up on my couch eatin vics and muscle relaxers like candy. Gonna order some hot wings and watch some hockey in a few. Watched the bones brigade doc earlier. Good stuff, never knew how crazy Mullen was though.
  4. Good looking. Gonna have to watch that this week.
  5. Finally got the bug to do something to my 350z. Ive decided the Borla sounds the best. Mostly everything else has a rasp.
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