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  1. Went real well. Pretty much the Prince and Miggy show the whole night. Lady in the row beside us got blasted in the face with a foul ball..:lol: Edit: I think it was delmon who got her...wonder if she was jewish.
  2. Spent some time at the Woodward dream cruise this weekend. Some really really nice classics. Got a little repetitive at times, but overall some badass cars.
  3. Gonna hit up the Tigers game tonight. Peanuts and beer. Eat em up.
  4. Enjoy the taste of these dudes dick's: And herpaghonnasyphilaids..
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Coming after that Immortal status son!
  7. Guy next door has a golf TDI. Sounds like a small tank starting up in the morning.
  8. How the hell do you even do anything in that hot of weather?
  9. Dear 12oz, Im taking you over. Love, Complexstyle.
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