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  1. S&W .38 Special snub nose. Gaggia expresso maker. Wild turkey 101. Some jeans. yup.
  2. Gacy on top of his game lately. Id smash. But only while wearing a maple donut on my junk.
  3. Jokinen always looks like he is on acid or something. :lol:
  4. [meme]I don't normally log in But when I do it's for dirty habit. [/meme] Whats up son? Still playing around with that DSM?
  5. I do have to admit though, if i got tattoos it would be like the Japanese body tattoos. Clothed normally no one could tell what awesomeness lies beneath. Like superman or some shit... OT I guess. Kindadrunknerdoner out.
  6. No tattoos here. When the shit goes down, I don't want any distinguishing markings on me.
  7. SMASH That blue moon in her hand. So tasty.
  8. Hell yeah. 75 degrees and sunny. Too bad next week looks super shitty. Regardless, JV on the mound tonight. Eat em up. Ill be at dirty trick or baltimore if ya wanna meet up. Usually dont end up at park bar until 1am..
  9. :mad: I'm about 20 mins west of Detroit and its just windy. No rain...
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