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    glad to see where finally giving a fuk
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    I went to LA last week to shoot Coachella for the LAWeekly and OCWeekly. That was really cool, but I'm more proud of the following photos I took at Dodgers Stadium on Jackie Robinson Day: Click on the link for more game photos: http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/jackie-robinson-day-dodger-stadium-39357241/
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    As you see I am about to be banned.Before that happens,check this
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    wuddup oontzers.. long time since ive been here.. well i would like to share with ya'll what ive been up to an what im currently up to just for the fact ive damn near grown up off this website and mainly Ch.0 and quite frankly i kinda miss it here.. for the longest i havent had any internet acces besides my whack ass windows phone so i never got the chance to peep in from time to time.. but long story short ya boy miiiight just be a daddy... BUT... my situation is pretty fucked.. ive been with my ex for around 4 years now.. and from those of ya'll that remember my night of 3somes and fat bitches punching me this is before and after that whole scenario.. but anyway things were, eh, OK for the most part.. but the main thing was that she was in michigan, i was in chicago, we barely seen eachother but when we did we made up for lost times besides sex. but there was always some shit goin on with her and some nigga or just some stupid ass shit she put herself in.. i caught her up twice texting and flirtin with some niggas once when i visited her and another time when she moved in with me when her mom kicked her out and aint nobody wanna help her.. so after a while i got over it like a jackass and shit was smooth.. then the saaaame day as my newborn nephew was born she told me she was pregnant.. fucked me all up.. i asked her what we were gonna do about it and that i think it'd be the best option for both of us if we aborted it.. since we lived in two completely different states and the fact i wasnt working at the time and she barely just got one made it seem just completely impossible... so from there she ended up calling me every name in the book and saying anything and everything you can think of to make a nigga feel like shit... sayin shit from im a deadbeat dad already and shes only 6 weeks im never gonna see my kid to how shes gonna put me on child support and if i dont pay shes gonna have me locked up and whatever.. plus she told me all she was gonna do was live off the system, "ima get food stamps and get on wic ill be able to get everything for cheap or free and i can get all this and that since im a single mother now.." like really bitch... it aint even got a heartbeat and all your thinkin of is money and lockin me up cause i didnt rejoice about this like you did cause im not some stupid ass immature bitch and actually use my mind to think and reason any situation im in.. so i stopped talkin to her, then a week later we agreed to abort it finally.. turns up she lied about it and never got it done, thus starting another fight.. so i try the sweet shit, the angry shit, the calm shit, the reasoning shit and whatever else i could to convince her to get this done.. so she had another one scheduled and wanted me to send her like $200 to help pay for it.. once again, IM NOT STUPID... so i told her to give me the adress and phone number to the place she was getting it done at so i can call and explain to them about the paying process and all that shit.. she never did.. said she was going.. then lied about it once again... THEN eventually after enough arguing she tried saying it wasnt mine after telling me she been with her friend "isaac" for a while now.. but then she started back peddling saying "oh of course its yours i ment in the sense your never gonna see him or her.. dont worry i wont have them call isaac dad since you are but i will tell them what you said and how you wanted to get rid of them blahblahblah" so i got fed up and just said fuck it.. i want a dna test before anything.. but were completely done have isaac support you since hes been there for you for so long go get fucked for all i care... to which her reply was "oh i will im waiting till i get out of work! haha" after that i changed my number and deleted her and her friends and fam from facebook and everything else i had them on.. so now she wants to make a deal with me which is for me to be in the childs life and she wont put me on child support.. regardless im not paying jack shit for ONE, shes been fuckin this nigga for who knows how long now behind my back, and number TWO she blatantly told me she was gon just live off the system like how her og does.. waiting every month for that check to come in.. so now im pickin myself up, just got me a job trying to pay off my tickets and get my car running again and possibly save up for whatever ends up happening in the end of all this.. most of all im not gonna lie im not ready to be a father by all means.. but if it is mine... i cant turn my back on my own blood no matter how crazy the baby mama is.. and to top it off i just found out last night she hit up one my homegirl she used to hate with a passion tryin to get with her and for the longest now been tryin to be on some buddy buddy shit with her.. she basically told her how her ex came by to ask her back n she slammed the door in his face n how shes gon turn lesbo and wants to get wit ol girl.. and apparently she has her birthday planned out on how shes comin to chicago to get a hotel downtown and go to the clubs round there and what not.. sooooo your expecting to give birth to quite possibly what could be my child and your concern is hookin up with my homegirl and your birthday all the way in october...? and no apparently she lied about isaac n everything else just to hurt me as much as i hurt her with whatever i said.. that shit got to me.. but my homegirl is gonna save all of their conversations so if shit does hit the fan and she does wanna take me to court or anything i got everything else shes been saying... overall, im pretty dissapointed in myself for getting myself into this situation.. shouldve ended it months ago when i felt it.. but if it is mine then fuck it.. time to be a daddy... im kinda just to the point where i dont know what the fuck to believe at all.. i dont know what is up from down you know.. and if we both gotta just man up and bite our tongues and be together or live together just for the sake of the child having a normal childhood and upbringing rather than bouncing from state to state then so be it.. ill do whatever... but like i said i just dont know what the fuck to think or believe out of any of this..... anybody else out there been in the same situation as me or worse..? id like to know at least what to expect with courts and everything cause as far as im concerned all i really can do for now is wait for the dna test and go from there....
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    MUSIC by digitalfunk, on Flickr
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    A speedo and a pair of goggles.
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    First time on the thread... you guyz lyke my arrowz?
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    For this not to occur every fucking time I cop. That first roll gets me everytime
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    rok1t comin through with them solid straight letters
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    i've been rewatching the x-files on netflix. vince gilligan, was a producer on both shows. there's a character in one episode who's last name is ehrmantraut, just like mike. isn't that interesting? oh and it's bullshit that this show doesn't come back until august. that's far too long to wait.
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    flying up there tomorrow night....planning on assaulting one or more of those church members
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    Ferilizer Plant in Waco, Texas just exploded.... volume warning http://www.kwkt.com/news/caught-camera-fertilizer-plant-explosion-near-waco so far reported 70 dead, 100 injured. like 65 years and one day since one exploded in texas killing over 200.
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