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  1. And after they can take photos.
  2. Or they live in the disney city. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebration,_Florida
  3. I don't see how this could go wrong....
  4. He's right up there with the kid trying to find the munsell value for montana.
  5. This thread would go a lot better in the Feedback area.. Instead of in a area that's for graff discussion, last time i checked forum search tools have nothing to do with graff. Also real glad that 2 of your 3 posts are about this.. A+
  6. Just got my copy of this, very well put together, has some dope interviews and flicks.
  7. Don't forget needing to know how fast MTN dries.. This kid is an artist..
  8. rok1t comin through with them solid straight letters
  9. I know some brands come with a pantone number but i don't think it's so much for graff as it is for people who are trying to do some "fine art" shit.
  10. Also this doesn't need to have a full thread and neither does the one you started about respirators. They should just go into the spray safe and spray paint thread.
  11. Looked into this and couldn't even find pantone value for their paint. I would say try emailing them. Why do you need this info though?
  12. Saw exit through the gift shop and started writing............
  13. I'd recommend using mineral spirits instead of acetone, it is less likely to eat away at the plastic.
  14. I think it had something to do with all my teachers telling me to put my name on everything.
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