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  1. If you go that route, adding beauty rings to steelies gives em a pretty nice effect, even better if you can find some lug caps as well.. If youre into the old school look that is. I did that with my old 88 civic sedan. Also scooped some 19" SVT Cobra wheels for the Crown Vic today, super cheap.
  2. May I suggest a set of FR-S/BRZ takeoffs? Given the amount of people upgrading these it shouldn't be hard to find a set for a nice price. Good specs for your ride. Plus you can't beat OE quality, unless you're dropping racks on wheels. Protip: Find people selling the actual car on aftermarket wheels and offer to buy the stocks sitting in their garage. Like this guy: http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/4340949989.html
  3. Asshat

    Head On!

    It's been quite some time since we've applied directly to the forehead here fellas
  4. After over a year of registration woes and hard work I'm finally street legal and it is oooohhh so nice
  5. http://fuckyourdumbbaby.tumblr.com
  6. I usually crack up when I see that especially if the dog is slowly inching forward in his poo crouch stance, leaving a hansel and gretel style poo trail
  7. I haven't watched much of this, but someone told me there's a full episode about drifting (in cars). Anyone got a link to it? Seems appealing
  8. Liked, shared, etc. Looks like you have a straight shot at winning this man, good luck
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