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    grabbed some shoes grabbed a bike headed that way rode around under this speakerbox? saw this go by rip ghetto b went this way stoplit on the water yacht club world trade under the bridge reflect holidays are near
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    O SNAP! fereal, you're a turd. now stfu.
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    apes ridl kerse sigh
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    I'm 100% Italian and I'm from Jersey...born nd raised. I'm not a guido and i don't act like them. Don't steryotype everyone in Jersey as being like these idiots...they give Italians a bad name. I do however fist pump on occasion...I'm not gonna lie.
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    floaters dont count on trains...only on walls..
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    heads kinda swimming. I loved a girl once. Only one. I stopped keeping track of how many i fucked. Abcs generally speaking dont love them hoes. Anyways. I haven't seen this girl in 4 years she moved to LA and was dating a chik. Calls me tonite wants to kik it. Now officially i hated her ever since but then it hit me. In situations like this. Fact that you have strong emotions at all suggests the very opposite of hate. I really cant call it. Not sure what to make of it. So tonite we got a drink. But now she wants to see me again tomorrow and i dont kno what to do. Its somewhere in between take it very slow or dont take it at all. This isnt about sex either. This girl wasn't the best lay. There was just always something about her that fucked my head up
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    Second day of snow here, but the first was back in the middle of October. So I developed my first good roll film today, followed by a 36 exposure loss. I've learned that the recommended temperatures are bullshit for me. To develop prints, the developer I'm using says to keep it at 68F (20C) and leave it in the developer for 60 seconds, but I only get good results when I have the temperature at least at 75 and then it takes about 100 seconds to get a good print. The only good roll of film (out of three) I got today was about at 80~82F and 30 seconds longer than what they said. The other film was just a 10 exposure test from a bulk loader, but I think that film is expired, and the 36 exposure was a nice Ilford delta 400 that I was excited to see. All in all, I'm just pissed off about how much all these recommended times and temperatures have been off for me. That said, my aunt got 5 "new" slr cameras so we tested out a couple of those today using the kodak 400cn stuff and got it developed at walmart. Tomorrow I should have some snow pictures, but now cows will have to do. These are all test bs. If anyone can guess what this is for. Mega-props.
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    I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. If movies have taught me anything.... It will always be night, metal guitar will always play in the background and we will all live in "Sectors" (Oh.. and neon.. put your money in neon futures)
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  12. 1 point
    Then you got no pussy either, nerd ass nigga :lol:
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    i am still completely hung over from last night. and i vomited in a walmart today. it sucked.
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    I don't know if it's been said yet, but there's a DJ from RI on this show LULZ
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  17. 1 point
    I'm still waiting for my hoverboard over here.
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    got these yesterday http://img43.imageshack.us/i/shoes003z.jpg/
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    i went to the moma yesterday. only took pics of art
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  25. 1 point
    The fact that you want to rail the girl in that video. I was sold on that anyway.
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    Deflate your dome and change the tone
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    Re: Great Pictures~ don't make this a 4chan gore thread
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    do all your mates think your a cunt ?
  36. 1 point
    False i'ma risk it n live on the wildside tpbm likes christmas movies
  37. 1 point
    Seagull, thank you for the repost of our flicks. It's greatly appreciated, as well as critisisms. Unfortunately until you post your flicks your word means nothing.
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  39. 1 point
    ^^^^^you really could have just kept that to yourself. its understood at this point.
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  42. 1 point
    NO NO NO...This shit is extremely weak, lazily executed, unfinished? and on the verge of " extremely toy." These skinny (Ebay hustling', drug thinkin' (wantin') addicted) etc, etc, etc,drugged out white boys ( and heavy set Negroes??? (bus riding, pedaling)Shit, I don't know...(talk about it for a few pages...) talk crazy game about"fighting"(?) Young guy please...you 28? 42? "putting in work" ,etc... Only to post Utube clips of played out poor quality hum drum bebop that my sister's son (my nephew) did when he was experimenting with finger paints/crayons in the late 80's...( on accident) That's a no no...(WWl, Ouch...this is in reference to your poorly thought out themes, fills, quotes, and whatevs, whatevs... you know...I'm kinda sorry to be the one to say, just sayin') Your shit is rhetorical and uninteresting. Don't keep kidding yourself, step up or step off...(OFF) ( I guess, right?) Run game, preach "hip hop", (Bombing) do you.................(Don't do what you've been doing) whatever..you're the bosses, right? )Discuss) All a' yall act like you're bosses, out patrolling the hip hop 206 scene (etc), this is not the case... You live in the past, you're old, like me (34)....stop. You're done.. (No,I'm not!!!)( Yes, you are) Whatever... Real recognize real???(toy statement)...real talk...(how embarrassing) Bubbles,quotes, etc... you're running noticeably low on ideas...You won't admit it, but anybody with half a noggin knows the deal... (Where's EUROPE) Ouch, you're running the gamut...to no avail... say (when you speak) blah...( Who's this guy from the late 90's bay area?) poopin' ( Who's this guy? Wreckin' the block?) Don't front...it's silly, son. Give your girl a (props) for old times sake...he he (Oh, no girl, the last one???) Lil' Sammy Jr... WWl, you're tired (sorry, but it's becoming evident), out of creativity, and scrounging for respect... Give it a rest (OC80) poppin'up out of nowhere,(somewhere) barkin'... callin' shots, blah blah... cats keep talking and fronting, but their self proclaimed style??? (most would consider weak/played) real talk, no squawk! Unfortunately, this will cause a page or three of rebuttal ( which it seems you all like to read anyways)l, refuse, and poop poop squalkin', ( 3A writes with poop) but someone has to speak from their beak...nobody else has the gall to put these cats to the wall... (Side note...all that Blink shit is weak too , played, same as usual, boring, lame, just silly....Task, oh my god...this can't be for real... Shit, you made me log in just to tell you what you already know... shame ON ME... (I see Ouch was probably crying on my PM, but I don't have time to read his tears(Palestine???)...my girl's crying for a snake salad, I gotta bounce... I hope your shit came off tonight...(probably not) Typical... PSSSSSSSSSSSS...no PM will be read, responded to or laughed about...take this as constructive criticism, and keep livin' your silly Graff lives..(you know what I mean) (Yo honey, is chicken heated and wet???....aigth, I'm gonna grab a chilled one and piss first, hold up....
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    That's great stuff to do. It really reduces costs, pollution, etc. The big thing is that they are trying to a) scare us and b) tax us for something we aren't at fault for. It really fucks up any further claims scientists make. After this, no one is going to believe anything they say. Polar bears can swim and their populations are exploding. The ice sheets in Antarctica are growing, not shrinking. To hear these climate scientists speak, you would think there were five polar bears left floating around on a 5x5 ice drift and none of them can swim.
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    Get that fat nigga to the cargo portion of the plane. Throw him a blanket, or possibly tarp and a few pillows. And shoot him a few ibuprofens and possible a large bag of mixed nuts and he's straight.
  45. 1 point
    whaaat....? so shorty's already goin down a fucked up path, and this nigga wanna fuck it up like 10 fold.....? might as well just put the bullet in her head for her.... thats some super grimey shit yo....
  46. 1 point
    Hey hey hey reality czech: Ed Lover would never put a bitch before videogames. Pa-leeze. Videogames before working, however— dude needs to buy a bigger TV to really enjoy the 1080i HD videogaming experience.
  47. 1 point
    fucking fat cunts make everyone else suffer from their disgraceful lifestyle
  48. 1 point
    jesus years Did this at some point a year or two ago, reads "Becca"
  49. 1 point
    matter fact i holla!!
  50. 1 point
    ^^^^^ Come on... PM him. No one wants to read that shit. I benched this today. Oh and since you asked. Mayne where you at... i know you're holding too...
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