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  1. oh you still goin'????
  2. damn u cats is ignent
  3. i pack a can at all times, i shine a lot cause i grind for mines why hate me and you'll fall behind waistin time by talking down. now if u want to be a man, lets battle.otherwise u straight bamma moe!
  5. hiding in the shroud of a newbie..means u aint worth my time..tell your momma she can't shine my shoes, and she's fired1
  6. somebody got way too much time on their hands. is that the best you got? you haven't said anything new that somebody has already said. but whole time your facts are backwards, just like everybody else.yet again for bammas....
  7. I believe it was DAHM, and i was taking back my spot. i just don't give a fuck anymore. you disrespectful little half weight bammas.it could be anybody, like i says if i go over you. charge that to the game. like i did when all my shit got ragged.after years of putting in work, fuck outta here, let these bammas get the wrong impression. then they will get a slap of reality when their shit is gone over by ELW CREW. yeah yeah yeah,,talk shit SMK is what your thinking, whole time, you have no style, you can't burn, swag deficient, talking bout I'm a king, when you do the stanky leg at RFK for cans, like shit!
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