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  1. "I'm Ralph Lauren and I approve this message"
  2. http://youtu.be/YpCASVFyQoE many people throughout history have been mocked for their beliefs only to turn around and be proven correct. the concept of faith is hard for people to grasp. in the end there is good and bad in most things, and a single voice from the scientific community or creationist community does not solely hold the authority on either. as long as persecution and hypnotism are not involved in either argument then I'm open to both...
  3. ^^ what was that helmet called, was that nintendo nes ?
  4. Does anyone know how to get hooked up with a clipper/trimming job? Iv'e heard they pay very well in short periods of time. Any legit info is appreciated… Im personally looking to work the summer season this year.
  5. phils miss playoffs 3rd year straight, raj fired finally. go pirates
  6. Shes on borrowed time, we all know that.
  7. we traded away byrd so he could spend his golden years producing for someone else, now that hes washed up, well bring him back because hes proved himself... i cant wait for RAJ to be fired.
  8. everyone but bed famed had washington winning in week 1
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