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  1. 12 oz is gay as fuck that druid outline is off a mark ecko shirt whooo hooo new york style i cant believe you still rock that bitten toss up fuck the moderators fuck all the toys and fuck all the writers who decided they retired last but not least fuck you if you come to paint cleveland an you arent from here . cleveland is big enough for everyone from here but not big enough for eveyone who dodesnt have a decent city to paint. cry about it
  2. you act like you smashed my city or somethign i havent seen a single thing from you up here where it counts get on that new jack you can drop some more of those dru ouitlines i seen the ecko shirt you copied that from by the way.... CLEVELAND your shit doesnt even ride up here whats up with that haha
  3. i'de check omnimix and see if they post your photo and snitch you out for that one. Misery laying down the law and holding down the nati .
  4. coils joker . wheres the stk ta flicks at ?
  5. reus works for the police out in kansas city giving up writers and trap houses what happened to customer loyalty
  6. gave my number out to fight not to get some prank calls when you're serious let me know untill then keep dicking my shit and not leaving a name thats how pbj rolls
  7. Cleveland is a walk in the park thats why you got knocked here and are doing comunity service right ????????????? while people from Cleveland are going to c bus ... very far and few between ... writers from around the country are coming to Cleveland dr sex rime hour cease adge biter metal spurn jabber tlok evol ether utah atak lions cope2 cre8 clear necs reke187 evict dreds saga defy wand cern se one met ..... COME ON SON you really don't believe all that diarrhea that is coming out your mouth do you ? and you're on some alot came to c bus hallelujah
  8. ha im gonna write a song about it . if your scene is sooo tight why do people from c bus flock to cleveland to paint a real city ???? and why does no one from cleveland go to columbus to paint is it because its a waste of time wow yep maybee lets all go paint water factory over and over and over again whooo yeah then we'll go hit someones garage on side street and act like king cope paint more peoples houses and garages and when your city decides to expand and build some more buildings and facotries let me know maybee i;ll come down and blaze untill then im not into painting suburbs fight me when you see me
  9. you're all cracking on vesh and tm7 calling it not real ohio graff that shit is comedy the person who startted your little crew is freinds with them and brought them all to cleveland about 7 years ago were any of you painting yet There is really only a few that get my respect from cbus its sifer sin apex nus del self emote anon damo/flip thats about it everyoine else either runs witha wack crew or hasnt put in the years to get the respect bump wrecks igor and any other young cats trying to come up not on some bullshit
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