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  1. Re: random thoughts I might need to stop drinking so much.. Fuck hanging out, I ain't tryin to fly kites
  2. Watching sports center.. Never watched it this late.. Never realized how cheesy this shit is
  3. I've lived in Idaho most of my life and never been to Sun Valley. I'm assuming you're going there for skiing/snowboarding, cuz otherwise..
  4. False tpbm has watched the food network today
  5. Free ultimate carwash with gas smokin kush in said carwash it looks like they have colored soap..
  6. False tpbm has gotten their bon fire on this summer
  7. False.. But i wish tpbm is watching the new episode of Wilfred tonight
  8. True tpbm has seen the movie "Insidious" and will review it right now
  9. False. I almost never take naps, it just doesn't happen tpbm keeps hot cheetos on hand
  10. False tpbm lives close to a beach
  11. False.. No kids! tpbm believes in extra terrestrial beings
  12. false tpbm aims for the side, curve of the bowl as opposed to straight in the water referring to pissing
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