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  1. Ditto...bang on, one time! true master! dont get me wrong i love all the efx in graffiiti art today as well, but this is a fine example of strong foundations! I now like like 2 see the finished master piece!
  2. New canvas painted on old vandalized bus-stop perspex window..3ft x 3ft. the idea of having a light source behind it...will post fix when set up. Didn't know when to stop on this one.
  3. Shouldn't have to tell u , you should know your history! This was a homage to Rammellzee...based on his racers.
  4. one bad motherfucker! seen loads of his work in Perth back in 97ish..great artist!
  5. R.I.P real sad loss...guy was a legend + big inspiration.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^ diggin that above...crazy! heres more Crush -
  7. i disagree - no similarities except for the actual spelling "...SH" and both being dope writers.
  8. all the above classics..would still kill it today! big up.
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