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  1. holy popsicle stick. Over the weekend a friend gave me a VX for free. Yerrrrrr, dual wielding!
  2. Made a 90's board cause COVID and I am bored. 101 Eric Koston Hockey Sean Cliver Graphic w/ 40mm wheels! I skated it today and it's fun.
  3. Gonna mix in a little metal cause y not.
  4. Yo, i'm stoked to hear someone's enjoying 'em! Thanks, OMB.
  5. The only decks you need is PS Stix!!! (Quasi, WKND, Old Fucking Awesome, Element, Numbers, Snack, Plan B, and more..) But seriously @glorydays , try a QUASI 😈
  6. @glorydaysBET I will def get the egg shape board. will be looking like 90's tom penny in blown out pants over here too.
  7. Here's a Dash Snow esque pic in Chicago last year for Christmas.
  8. Was legit shopping around for small wheels the other day cause I wanted to make a 90's setup.
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