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don't read this

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by some pittsburgh flavor, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. some pittsburgh flavor

    some pittsburgh flavor Elite Member

    Joined: Mar 31, 2001 Messages: 4,936 Likes Received: 0
    i really had this conversation

    it's official

    i'm queer

    and yeah, i know.

    Auto response from Gatorsk8er7 (1:50:26 AM): Everything that keeps me together is falling apart. I've got this thing that I consider my only art of fucking people over.

    Gatorsk8er7 (1:57:09 AM): back
    ivotedreagan1 (1:57:11 AM): hi
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:57:37 AM): i didnt have the courage to tell you that i had mispalced your cd before...
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:57:41 AM): but i found it
    ivotedreagan1 (1:58:01 AM): is it all ruined and scratched up
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:58:16 AM): no..i took really good care of it
    ivotedreagan1 (1:58:19 AM): awesome
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:58:31 AM): im really sorry about the last one i returned
    ivotedreagan1 (1:58:32 AM): i love that cd so much i'd hate you if it were ruined
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:58:38 AM): i really am
    ivotedreagan1 (1:58:40 AM): it's okay.. it still plays alright i guess
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:58:56 AM): ill pay u..if you want me to
    ivotedreagan1 (1:59:18 AM): cds are like a 50 pack for $15 and they give you a $15 rebate
    Gatorsk8er7 (1:59:28 AM): im really sorry
    ivotedreagan1 (1:59:34 AM): it's ok
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:00:05 AM): ok....i've u cahnge your mind tell me
    ivotedreagan1 (2:00:16 AM): ok
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:00:56 AM): im listening to modest mouse right now
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:00:59 AM): issss sooooo good
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:01:02 AM): thanks again
    ivotedreagan1 (2:01:39 AM): sure
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:02:06 AM): it all will fall..fall right into place
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:02:14 AM): yay
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:04:55 AM): [friend A] just called modest mouse emo trash......
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:04:57 AM): ahhhhh
    ivotedreagan1 (2:05:04 AM): they aren't emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:05:18 AM): maybe because the only lyrics you sing to him are from that cd and they happen to be the most 'emo' lyrics?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:05:34 AM): they kind of are
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:05:34 AM): theyre a little self indulgent
    ivotedreagan1 (2:05:50 AM): not at all
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:05:53 AM): i havent sung any to him...
    ivotedreagan1 (2:05:55 AM): how do you mean
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:06:12 AM): hang on...
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:07:17 AM): number three on this cd is extremely emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:07:58 AM): you have had it for so long i cannot remember if it is perfect disguise or dark center of the universe
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:08:37 AM): one sec
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:13:03 AM): You've got the Perfect disguise and you're lookin' o.k.
    From the bottom of the best of the worst, well what can I say
    Cuz you cocked your head to shoot me down, down
    And I don't give a damn about you or this town no more
    No cuz I know the score
    Need me to fall down, so you can climb up
    Some fool ass ladder, well good luck
    I hope, I hope there's something better up there
    Cuz you cocked your head to shoot me down, down
    And I don't give a damn about you or this town no more
    No cuz I know the score
    Well good luck believing every word that's said
    I hope you have enough space in your head
    I don't know, broke my back

    Gatorsk8er7 (2:13:18 AM): that one
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:14:19 AM): its actually #4
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:14:29 AM): but it's emo as fuck
    ivotedreagan1 (2:14:42 AM): do you even know what emo is
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:14:51 AM): yep
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:14:53 AM): i do
    ivotedreagan1 (2:15:10 AM): so then you must know you're completely incorrect when you say that song is emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:15:13 AM): do u?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:15:16 AM): yes
    ivotedreagan1 (2:15:20 AM): actually, i do
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:15:22 AM): it is
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:15:36 AM): fine we'll let [friend A] be the judge of it
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:15:37 AM): hang on
    ivotedreagan1 (2:15:42 AM): ?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:16:00 AM): yeah... get someone who doesn't like modest mouse and doesnt know about emo to tell you what they are...
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:16:40 AM): ask anyone you feel like asking
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:16:50 AM): im telling you theyre emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:16:57 AM): ?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:17:03 AM): that's so absurd it almost hurts
    ivotedreagan1 (2:17:33 AM): and it's "desolate earth" not "best of the worst"
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:17:34 AM): he agrees
    ivotedreagan1 (2:17:38 AM): of course he does
    ivotedreagan1 (2:17:51 AM): do you even know what emo is?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:18:05 AM): yes i do
    ivotedreagan1 (2:18:09 AM): what, then
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:18:29 AM): y must you always dissagree with me....
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:18:46 AM): emo is sulf pitying...whining music
    ivotedreagan1 (2:18:50 AM): because when you're wrong and i'm right, we tend not to see eye-to-eye
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:19:04 AM): poor me...this girl just broke my heart...boohoo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:19:07 AM): thats emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:19:13 AM): and how is modest mouse emo?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:19:42 AM): have you not read that perfect disguise song?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:19:53 AM): omg...it just fits the profile
    ivotedreagan1 (2:20:03 AM): how is it self pity?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:20:10 AM): i quote "i dont need you...anymore"
    ivotedreagan1 (2:20:19 AM): er.. "...no more"
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:20:25 AM): hang on
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:21:07 AM): Need me to fall down, so you can climb up
    ivotedreagan1 (2:21:13 AM): and you're saying because perfect disguise is a slow-paced song about nothing really, but mentioning not needing a girl, modest mouse is an emo band
    ivotedreagan1 (2:21:29 AM): again, do you even know what emo is?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:21:42 AM): Cuz you cocked your head to shoot me down, down
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:21:47 AM): its emo as hell
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:21:53 AM): he's whining
    ivotedreagan1 (2:21:57 AM): no, he's singing
    ivotedreagan1 (2:22:01 AM): have you even heard real emo?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:23:03 AM): ok....let's just agree to disagree....and im not backing out of this because i feel im wrong..i just know how we get real heated at each other when we argue
    ivotedreagan1 (2:23:41 AM): or, you are trying to tell me untruths, you are trying to incorrectly teach me what i already know
    ivotedreagan1 (2:23:45 AM): modest mouse is not emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:23:55 AM): they do not come anywhere near what "emo" is
    ivotedreagan1 (2:24:00 AM): emo started off as a joke
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:24:05 AM): an-d....calm the fuck down
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:24:09 AM): they are emo btw
    ivotedreagan1 (2:25:20 AM): and people became emo fans in a nostalgic sense
    ivotedreagan1 (2:25:24 AM): but it got taken way too far and the joke was lost
    ivotedreagan1 (2:25:30 AM): and modest mouse, i assure you, is not emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:26:08 AM): ok..ok you're righ.....are you happy...you won....you're right....don't lose your temper...please..i don't want you to be any more pissed at me than you already are
    ivotedreagan1 (2:26:15 AM): chill out
    ivotedreagan1 (2:26:24 AM): why do yo ualways do that
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:26:27 AM): right back at u
    ivotedreagan1 (2:26:37 AM): you assume i'm flipping shit and then say "you win" 12 times
    ivotedreagan1 (2:26:51 AM): i really want to know how one line of one song makes a band emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:26:59 AM): ok...you're right...im sorry
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:27:10 AM): im wrong
    ivotedreagan1 (2:27:10 AM): the rolling stones are emo because they have songs wherein the reference the opposite sex, then.
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:27:13 AM): sorry
    ivotedreagan1 (2:27:18 AM): you see, it doesn't even work like that
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:27:31 AM): ok...you're right...im wrong..im sorry
    ivotedreagan1 (2:27:34 AM): you say you're wrong, but you really think i'm being a dickhead for being right
    ivotedreagan1 (2:27:38 AM): cut that shit out
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:27:48 AM): calm down [SPF]
    ivotedreagan1 (2:27:49 AM): why can't you ever rationalize anything
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:28:10 AM): because i value your friendship aver my opinion
    ivotedreagan1 (2:28:15 AM): umm
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:28:15 AM): over*
    ivotedreagan1 (2:28:30 AM): and you do not stand up for yourself for fear that i might think you're uncool?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:28:56 AM): note: you trying to tell me what modest mouse is, is equivalent to me trying to tell you what canada's like
    ivotedreagan1 (2:29:10 AM): example:
    ivotedreagan1 (2:29:20 AM): Canada is a dictatorship because there is a guy in control.
    ivotedreagan1 (2:29:30 AM): "do you even know what a dictatorship is"
    ivotedreagan1 (2:29:31 AM): etc.
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:29:40 AM): ok...you're absolutely positively right..i know absolutely right....
    ivotedreagan1 (2:29:51 AM): saying that doesn't change anything
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:29:51 AM): now wait a minute
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:30:03 AM): i fucking do know what a dictatorship is
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:07 AM): it just makes me pissed off that you're too feeble to have an opinion
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:30:13 AM): so fucking cut it out
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:27 AM): yeah, that went along with the example but i guess you didnt catch it
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:30:39 AM): sorry....
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:43 AM): yo uwere supposed to be saying that to me
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:50 AM): because i had said the previous line
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:52 AM): etc.
    ivotedreagan1 (2:30:58 AM): but anyway, they are not emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:31:01 AM): they are good msuic, indie if you want to go so far as to classify them, yes
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:31:14 AM): ok....theyre indie....
    ivotedreagan1 (2:31:19 AM): sure
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:31:20 AM): sorry.....
    ivotedreagan1 (2:31:27 AM): but don't say that because it's what i want to hear
    ivotedreagan1 (2:31:30 AM): why do you think theyre emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:32:30 AM): i think it's just because [friend A] says so in a half-joking manner
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:33:29 AM): i actually thought that they were emo before [friend A] said anything
    ivotedreagan1 (2:33:42 AM): but you dont even know what emo is
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:33:58 AM): please stop saying that i do whatever just because [friend A] says its right
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:34:23 AM): and i think i have a pretty clear idea of what emo is
    ivotedreagan1 (2:34:41 AM): what else besides that one line in the one song makes you think that band is emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:34:47 AM): i listen to it more tahtn u do
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:34:55 AM): emo that is
    ivotedreagan1 (2:35:22 AM): no, you listen to pop punk, pop punk/pop ska [the aquabats], and pop-emo-punk
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:35:42 AM): ok...you're right
    ivotedreagan1 (2:35:50 AM): dude, stop doing that
    ivotedreagan1 (2:35:56 AM): that really shows a weak person
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:36:30 AM): well then i guess im weak
    ivotedreagan1 (2:36:34 AM): guess so.
    ivotedreagan1 (2:36:59 AM): you're trying to tell me modest mouse is the same as the get up kids, though?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:37:49 AM): no..i didnt say that
    ivotedreagan1 (2:38:09 AM): then you must mean that song is mellow and slow-paced
    ivotedreagan1 (2:38:12 AM): not the band is emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:39:13 AM): no...like i said earlier...THEYRE EMO......
    ivotedreagan1 (2:39:22 AM): and i asked how
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:39:26 AM): or that cd is emo
    ivotedreagan1 (2:39:28 AM): and you gave me one line from one song
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:39:46 AM): your heart felt good........
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:39:50 AM): thats another song
    ivotedreagan1 (2:40:47 AM): well we're just men who're swimming in the water, didn't know then was it a son was it a daughter and it occured to me that the animals are swimming around in the water and the oceans and our bodies and [something] haven't found another ocean on the planet given that our blood is just like the atlantic
    ivotedreagan1 (2:40:49 AM): how is that emo?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:41:13 AM): it just is
    ivotedreagan1 (2:41:20 AM): no, it really is not
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:41:21 AM): and you dont have to recite it
    ivotedreagan1 (2:41:28 AM): i do because it does not make sense
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:41:33 AM): i know it by heart
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:41:39 AM): ok.....[SPF] YOU ARE RIGHT
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:41:45 AM): sorry
    ivotedreagan1 (2:41:55 AM): apparently i'm not because you think they're emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:42:31 AM): no...you're right...i just felt like arguing with you so that you'd talk to me.....you're right
    ivotedreagan1 (2:42:53 AM): now youre making shit up
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:43:06 AM): damn
    ivotedreagan1 (2:43:55 AM): wild packs of family dogs, paper thin walls, life like weeds, lives, alone down there, (i was actually going to keep naming every song i remembered from there that is not emo when i realized they are all not) are not emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:44:49 AM): yea...you're right
    ivotedreagan1 (2:45:04 AM): i kow you're saying that to shut me up
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:45:45 AM): im trying to
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:45:48 AM): just teasing
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:46:00 AM): please don't get mad at me
    ivotedreagan1 (2:46:41 AM): calm down, Over-Reactive-Blow-Shit-Out-Of-Proportion-And-Flip-Out Girl
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:46:48 AM): in all honesty...i haven't been myself these days and i can't really control my temper all too well and i don't want you to get pissed off at me
    ivotedreagan1 (2:47:02 AM): but modest mouse still isn't emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:47:16 AM): would you please stop making low blows?
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:47:49 AM): i dont label you, do i?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:47:52 AM): that blow is about as 'low' as sid vicious at any given time in 1976
    ivotedreagan1 (2:47:57 AM): nope
    ivotedreagan1 (2:48:04 AM): you sure as hell label modest mouse, though
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:48:17 AM): ok...im sorry...
    ivotedreagan1 (2:48:25 AM): dont apologize
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:48:40 AM): y?
    ivotedreagan1 (2:49:10 AM): it baffles me that even though i defined emo for you, went through lyrics and proved them sufficiently un-emo, referenced pop-emo bands and all the like, you still say they are emo
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:49:46 AM): ok....[SPF] would you please just drop it...please....
    Gatorsk8er7 (2:49:51 AM): im begging you
  2. XxSugarxX

    XxSugarxX Dirty Dozen Crew

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    that was quite a good read. good job.

  3. Rectum

    Rectum Senior Member

    Joined: Nov 13, 2002 Messages: 1,501 Likes Received: 1
    which ones you?
  4. some pittsburgh flavor

    some pittsburgh flavor Elite Member

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  5. Rectum

    Rectum Senior Member

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    ohok yeh you both

    i think dragonska8r want syour dick
  6. space base

    space base Senior Member

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  7. krie

    krie Guest

    ..same, theres way to much of it there for my likings..
  8. Kyuzo

    Kyuzo Banned

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    there are three words used on 12oz prophet i've yet to discern the meaning of:
    2-Boogie Hands

  9. unconscience

    unconscience Banned

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    emo people suck:lol:
  10. test pattern

    test pattern Elite Member

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    just because a bunch of emo bitches feel "moved and deep" while listening to modest mouse as opposed to dashboard and in return claim it as their own doesn't mean that modest mouse is emo
  11. D3N53one

    D3N53one Senior Member

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  12. JaZe

    JaZe Banned

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    that guy is a fag
  13. caL

    caL Senior Member

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  14. FratGuyJoe

    FratGuyJoe Junior Member

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    are emo kids art school kids?:confused: i really would like to know what emo means so i can form my own opinion of it.
  15. Mr.Clean

    Mr.Clean Member

    Joined: Apr 23, 2003 Messages: 462 Likes Received: 0
    fuck emo. i want to grab those fucks by their fucking sweaters, pull their long hair out and smash their guitar with the Dashboard Confesstional sticker on it over their fucking heads. then they'll have something to fucking cry about.

    waaaaaaa...my girlfirend hates me....waaaa...i'm going to play a crappy chord progresstion and bitch about it.

    FUCK EMO:heated: :hatred: :mad2: :mad2: :scream: