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  1. It makes thier arms look so skinny. Why do wanna look scrawny?
  2. I found an egg with a two dollar canadian coin in it, wtf?
  3. kido


    baseball season means three extra road trips this year to chicago, atlanta, and cincinatti. I fucking love this game..
  4. what would jeffery dahmer do?
  5. In louisville (suburbs) about 150k-300k for an average home nothing special. Now if you look in different areas the prices change.
  6. Im going with Villanova
  7. so I got sucked into watching this show and liked it! (this has actually kind of been a secret for a while) I ended up watching the rest of the season. I think Chloe won only because Santino and Daniel were actually talented designers that will probably make it.
  8. thats awesome! I wanna be friends with that guy
  9. I stopped reading here: "we break up, I get wasted, cut my hair off with a knife, we get back together..."
  10. why would you want to do such a thing? this brings me back to an annoying girlfriend in highschool
  11. listen, dudes probably just upset because your a nice guy and hes a prick that no one really likes. Youve got your shit together and he doesnt. Hes jealous of you and this is his way of showing it. This is usually a problem women have.
  12. that wasnt very nice.
  13. try updating the software at apples website.
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