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  1. It's hard to type with this enormous penis in the way
  2. pulp fiction reservoir dogs seven samurai Clockwork orange*
  3. I hate soccermoms... I hate them so very very much.
  4. what happened to just wearing a white shirt and blue jeans
  5. fuck deleting it, thats for pussies
  6. http://jail.lfucg.com/inmateimages/E/E131554.JPG'> "What? You feelin froggy? Jump frog, jump"
  7. Kyuzo

    My New Toy

    a mans gun is the s&w .500 magnum
  8. ask him why he is such an arrogant ego maniac, and why he talks like he's hot shit but the only reason he gets any play is because he's flamboyantly black. ask him why the fuck he came to your university and why he thought anyone would give a fuck about his useless and pointless opinions and whatever information he thinks he could give you but isn't helpful at all.
  9. 50cent is a joke. i mean honestly, have you people actually listened to his lyrics?
  10. the whole purpose of this article is to scare people and get attention. It's based on opinion, which it disguises as valid points because -the author said- they were valid points. overexagerated. and the bell theory works if you factor out the oil in n. and s. america, alaska, and africa that is reserved for when we suck asia dry. It also only works if it were a signle company by itself processing the oil which it isn't. this is just another michael moore 'scare to get attention' tactic.
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