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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco finally.. this shit's funny GUSTO 3A over gush 3f take back your name, letters ,and crew name and send those fools on the way
  2. yeah, okay, but come on now don't write his name
  3. who got them CLEAK hands... dude quit around '86,,,used to write SAAD???? PFB??
  4. dude you have posted this in like thirty-five different threads, what is your deal
  5. tookie spent something like 26 years in jail waiting to die, with 6 of those in "The Hole", in solitary confinement . He was offered the chance to get off of death row if he would just admit his guilt, but refused to confess to a crime he did not commit. Three black jurors were removed from his jury and replaced with whites, and everyone knows what an all white jury thinks about the co-founder of the crips. He did it, whatever it was. He swore to his dying day he did not commit those specific crimes and had evidence proving so. I'm not saying Tookie never did anything wrong. He did a lot wrong, maybe just not this. Schwarzennegger had the ability to stop or even delay the death sentence but did nothing. But I mean, what can you do... how does it look defending the leader of all crips? During his time in jail, though, tookie completely, officially, and publicly renounced gang involvement and spent free time reading and writing books about gangs and how/why to avoid getting into them. I would get my ass kicked for denouncing crips at the basketball game and i'm nobody. Tookie is the co-founder of the damn gang and denounced it. That's gangster as hell in my book... you jsut called thousands and thousands of crips suckers with self-esteem and social problems and it is the truth because you invented them. He did a lot to stop gang violence, and the years after his press conference denouncing gangs, he got all types of letters from cities like LA and surrounding areas about how people have noticed gang trouble dropping drastically, almost instantly. I've yet to fully read all the evidence bout his innocence but I don't think anyone should really be put to death for anything. Isn't torture worse anyway?
  6. hey so i found these shoes that fit perfectly, right, and they are real expensive and really really really comfortable. Ecco brand, mad dressy walker stee. Anyway i have been wearing them the past couple days and on a few substantial routes and now my left big toe constantly feels like it needs a really good cracking, and has been doing so all the time. It is the big joint on the ball of the foot it feels kind of stiff but not really bad it doesnt really hurt it just has that feeling like it needs cracked on some serious shit. do you think portuguese footwear just increases the nitrogen levels in your foot cartlage? is this necessarily a bad thing? a good thing? or no thing? am i slowly fucking my foot up to fallen arches and a pidgeon step? the shoes are sweet i dont want to stop wearing them you have no idea it is like walking on jello air its tight
  7. jesus, what kind of garden do you have there that you're hitting with overspray
  8. i never understood the idea of a digital inkjet print on canvas
  9. i'm going to have to defend the homie on grounds of you are a retard and soviet is not a reference to the motherland, he's another jyk/csn/nsf-er you're a retard, fag
  10. actually, this kid just walked by when we were painting the wall and asked to try. so rekey nsf helped him with the 3-d if he put him up. maybe you're just racist. because i could also say every fucking white dude from the suburbs thinks he can write
  11. nah, he's human, alright and makes some rather ill music
  12. ...and the same reason Monet and Cailebotte do....
  13. apparently the sculptures are animatronic amazes that do tags, or at least follow the motion of the tag. i don't know exactly, that's what i assume. the magazine i read about the show in kept calling them robots.
  14. i don't get how people can have such animosity towards a group of people simply for having different beliefs. honestly, how many times have the JW's come to your house in the past decade? three, five times? why would you hate anyone who had advice they thought could make your life better? anyway, i don't understand how only 144,000 people get to go to heaven. you'd think after 144,000 people became JW's they'd sort of...stop?
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