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  1. shit is still around. just go to any city/town in central/panhandle texas. Quoted post [/b] whataburger is ubiquitous here in texas. i thought it was texas-only.
  2. vegetable manchurian is good mango lassi
  3. lets see a flick of that yellow rolldown in downtown
  4. that's part of the exact reason i hate it i stay in houston
  5. word. i remember when i was little fucking with legos and they got rid of the medieval shit.
  6. now i'm joining the fanclub, too. fuck austin!
  7. guitar, piano, organs, drums, bass. sometimes i play other things, though.
  8. herbie hancock! i was just talking about this with some cajuns earlier
  10. it sure is an epic recording
  11. you know, i listened to phish for the first time ever a month ago or so, out of curiousity. phish is the shit
  12. suckmyfattoe just spit raw truth. i 100% agree
  13. it isn't always transmitted sexually and it's sometimes genetic
  14. post rumpunch recipe a la rumpuncher
  15. samus is a dime my list of the absolute greatest: Metal Gear - great hideo kojima-style gameplay for NES Super C - a little less-serious-easier-replay-value version of Contra, in my opinion. i like this better than the first one. Karnov - excellent music. completely surreal character sprites. fun gameplay. dreamscape-esque levels. fat russian warrior. wonderful game. Castlevania - this is a classic. creepy as fuck! Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest - the hardest game i've ever played, to this day. awesome music, etc. Qix - i couldn't figure this game out until i was 6 or so. once i did, i was hooked. not sure why. Gyruss - i liked this a lot. Marble Madness - easily some of the best music to ever come out of NES. if you don't even enjoy the gameplay, the music is definitely worth it. The Legend of Zelda - no doubt Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, & 3 - greats Megaman series - best music, best gameplay Castlequest Punch out holy fuck. i could go on forever. everyone here name the BEST cuttiest, rare-ass NES games they can think of, 'cause i wanna play some of these. has anyone else played castlequest?
  16. a methed up vincent price?? HAHAHAHAHA this thread is hilarious.
  17. this is awesome and an incredible feat playing the guitar whilst moving bowels is rough
  18. my friend got started 'cause he joined up, but i assume he stopped 'cause he can smoke when he wants to now. i did it with him once (no homo). it sucked
  19. also, you can throw the raw salmon in a salad with ginger sauce. it's a very good taste. book wise i really suggest (common and easy-to-find): dracula hard times american gods lolita
  20. jacking shops and throwing their product into a fire is sort of against hindu culture too
  21. you know, i used to hate that show. my girlfriend swore it was a great show and the jokes were a lot funnier if you watch it in order. i guess i did because she was so adamant about it, but i like the show a lot now.
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