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  1. I think he is talking about those movies that document bored suburban kids who do drugs.
  2. JaZe

    the street

    hey but i bout u said punaucation is my bad frianed how come u so eval to meeh :(
  3. JaZe

    the street

    there are new lesbians that live on the next building near me and there infront my building and i can see them threw my window doing gay shit like there emo girls and there lesbians lighting candles on the ground its so stupid i think they watched the craft to many times or something my mom saw them fucking on a church step the other day. did i fail to mention they are emo lesbians?
  4. http://www.inlgrafics.com/mr/images/promotional/xzibit-front-1.jpg'>
  5. gifs take awhile so let it load http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst01.gif'> http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst04.gif'> http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst02.gif'> http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst09.gif'> http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst10.gif'> lol this one is kinda funny http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/banner/Thirst11.gif'> copy and pasted. Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be releasing a series of animations that vividly depict the parallels between Coca-Cola?s stereotypical ?Thirst? character, and the now admittedly racist memorabilia of the past. We ask you to pass these pieces along, helping others to not only see the roots of racism, but also how it has been manifested in modern times in order to generate money. We also ask you e-mail or write The Coca-Cola Company, demanding their racist ?Thirst? character be removed immediately (accompanied by a public apology), as well as alert local and national media outlets about this story. Let the world know you will not be bamboozled again, as we must collectively refuse to accept this exploitation and ignorance. We the people are the backbone of these oppressive companies, as both workers and consumers, the least they can do for us is show some respect. This is not a Black or White issue, it is a matter of we the people versus the powers that be. Stand up and do something about this injustice, for the longer we allow these seeds to grow, the deeper their racist roots will become embedded within our society. Send Coca-Cola an email: http://www2.coca-cola.com/mail/eQuery_other.html The entire story is over at http://www.rodrigo-ny.com/home.asp'>
  6. JAZE RAPES GIRLS THAT TRY AND STEAL HIS DREAMCAST!! HAHAHAHAHAH now that its been said. pros and cons of 12ozprophet pro -fast replays atleast 10 users online at time -people post there stories about life even though they know they will get clowned out (ie. see my thread) -me cons -a good thread gets 7 replies but yet some thread about a fat kid wanting to eat his orioes gets 30 replies -tease your turn sucka
  7. 1 time i was going to 2 the candy store to get a looly pop and when i was walking home i saw this guy cross the street where there are no lights i was jjust liek "OMG DUDEZ WHAT IS GONNA ON WHY U DO THAT FOR DUDEZ." i will never forget that day.
  8. Lets see if we can make a thread without some neglected homo posting red arrows!
  9. JaZe


    basically because there is less of a "rush" in painting frieghts or legals. and most bored rich people are into running around the city calling themselves hardcore writers when all they wanna do is find something that will entertain them for awhile. they waste paint on doing ugly stuff therefore, they are rich. and I guess because you people love to, we can throw white in.
  10. JaZe


    throw ups are the rich kids dream. they get to spend all there money on paint, go to a spot and stay there for 2 seconds (action) painting something that requires little more skill then a tag.
  11. JaZe


    the fact that you are running around the city writing ur shity name with paint and markers because you have nothing better to do then waste paint with your (richness) and get some (action) ! edit: and none said anything about being white but I guess you assume anyone who is not white is not rich
  12. JaZe


    honestly if your not painting frieghts or doing legals its probaly because your a bored rich kid looking for some action.
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