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  1. thats what i was thinking, making itlike Metal Gear would be interesting but overall i agree with the tony hawk comments, making graff way too popular.
  2. Mr.Clean


  3. Mr.Clean


    post more, i like your style:idea:
  4. At least blur your face in the pics man, seriously. Bump for the funny animation!
  5. i'm laughing my ass off right now. many a time i wished i'd catch this motherfucker myself so i could crack him in the dome. 63 years old. Thats hilarious shit. :lol: SCB (seinor citizen bombers)
  6. damn old people. his ass should be in a home, not out on the streets at night. it is indeed a good thing his ass didn't get cought be writers, he made a lot of enemies. 63 years old, i cant get over that:lol:
  7. not too shabby, digging the colors.
  8. Wink ONE lays it down. Everything is trendy at one point or another.
  9. 1. i agree with rubbish 2. ODS, i still hate you. die.
  10. Mr.Clean

    i need some zzz

    no, motherfucker, that was me.
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