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  1. Mr.Clean

    Graffiti Video Game?

    thats what i was thinking, making itlike Metal Gear would be interesting but overall i agree with the tony hawk comments, making graff way too popular.
  2. Mr.Clean


  3. Mr.Clean


    post more, i like your style:idea:
  4. Mr.Clean

    How ironic, I'm self promoting.

    At least blur your face in the pics man, seriously. Bump for the funny animation!
  5. Mr.Clean

    Ireland (mostly Dublin)

    dope shit. very dope.:king:
  6. Mr.Clean

    63yr old tagger caught!!!!

    i'm laughing my ass off right now. many a time i wished i'd catch this motherfucker myself so i could crack him in the dome. 63 years old. Thats hilarious shit. :lol: SCB (seinor citizen bombers)
  7. Mr.Clean

    PDX WRITERS...... The Silver Donut Is Caught!!

    damn old people. his ass should be in a home, not out on the streets at night. it is indeed a good thing his ass didn't get cought be writers, he made a lot of enemies. 63 years old, i cant get over that:lol:
  8. Mr.Clean

    Back and better

    not too shabby, digging the colors.
  9. Mr.Clean


  10. Mr.Clean

    My Works!

    lookin good.
  11. Mr.Clean

    Commercialising Graffiti....I can't spell.

    Wink ONE lays it down. Everything is trendy at one point or another.
  12. Mr.Clean

    Commercialising Graffiti....I can't spell.

    1. i agree with rubbish 2. ODS, i still hate you. die.
  13. Mr.Clean

    i need some zzz

    no, motherfucker, that was me.
  14. Mr.Clean


    i dont like ODS 1