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  1.'> has anyone ever seen this movie? Very good, yet very fucked up. if you havent seen it: Made in the early 90's; it's about a girl and her boyfriend that go on a string of convenience store robberies, pick up some hitch hiking guy, and eventually they have a threesome. There's more to the story, so go out and find yourself a copy today. Lots of naked rose mcgowan in the movie, a definite highlight for all the boys out there. ;)
  2. theres this kid here in chicago that uses paint markers to draw stuff on air force 1's.. it holds up really well because after the paint marker dries, you coat the shoe with a spray of clear sealer.
  3. i finally saw the movie kids for the first time last week. :yuck: i liked the movie because stuff like that does really go on with kids, but at the same time it was a really sad and sickening thing to watch.
  4. happy late birthday dee. :) dirty is probably passed out drunk on his neighbor's front lawn already.:king:
  5. yes.. happy 21st birthday dhabz. http://www.fleckensteins.com/images/balloons/balloon%20happy%20birthday%20cake.jpg'>
  6. sorry dhabz... all of those options don't really float my boat. i'll take letter F.- wookie shams.:idea:
  7. that picture is fuckin stupid...... :mad: i have nothing else to say in this ridiculous excuse for a thread. .
  8. GOALS: paint more ,start college soon, and hopefully do well in school. I'm still really confused though as to what i should major in. I know I'd probably make better money doing something like being a network administrator or something along the lines..but i still want to do art. If anyone has any serious suggestions on this, please feel free to share with me. FAMILY LIFE: Marry the boyfriend, and have two kids in about 6years. CAR: I'd really like to trade in my 2002 eclipse(which is only a v4), for a '99 RST eclipse (v6)..but right now i can't afford to pay car payments and what not to fix it all up..hopefully in the future though. :smiles: FREE TIME: I know it sounds stupid, but ever since i was a little girl i've always wanted to learn how to breakdance.. I'd like to learn how to use an airbrush machine and become really skilled at it too..that would be exciting. DREAM HOUSE: Nothing too huge. No more then two floors, with a nice big kitchen and bathroom. I'm happy when there's enough room in the house that you don't feel cramped, but also not afraid because it's too huge of a place. I want the rooms of the house to fade into various colors; from like a soft pale yellow to a soft green, then to blue.. It sounds weird, but if you do it right it looks really good. A good sized backyard is a must for the future little ones.. enough room for a swing-set/play area, a nice above ground pool with a deck that wraps all the way around it, also a jacuzzi with a little outdoor shelter thing built around it with soft lights. Patio furniture is a must, with a nice sized patio for grillin and chillen.:cool:. A room would be set aside for the kids especially to have fun in. They'd be able to write on the walls and have their own little lounge area.
  9. noum,just give it a rest already kid.. you've got something to say..then hit me up on aim -juicyjuice2468 and sorry tease.. no bad feelings towards you.
  10. XxSugarxX


    -the new smores cereal is really good -cinnamon toast crunch -raisin bran crunch -fruity pebbles -cherrios :yum:
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