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Twenty Twenty Three


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6 hours ago, Mercer said:


For some reason reminds me of being invited to these Indian kids house when I was younger.  They wanted to play some game kind of like the furniture was safe/floor was lava, except instead of lava one of them wanted to be this man eating tiger.  To illustrate this, the kid filled his mouth with ketchup and was basically foaming ketchup at the mouth all over this family's couches.  Don't remember the dad's reaction but the fam must have been pissed lol.  Mr. Yuck would have loved it, probably the type of story that started his problems with ketchup to begin with.


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5 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

devvo'd that video didn't finish with some stupid cunt getting his face ripped off.

king of the fucking  savannah (actually queen but you get the point).




I know, I was waiting for it. That's a wild animal though so eventually karma will kick in.

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People kind of isolate unstable/weird people now more than ever, because 450 million plus firearms currently in circulation. In high school and they let everyone fart spray. i'll smack the fuckin molder teeth out your mouth.  Legacy of knights of the round table chivalry lifestyle I think.


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On 5/13/2023 at 7:07 PM, Mercer said:

Some of you pussies out here brush your teeth like a little bitch, and probably don't even have any mold.

When @southside google gangsterposted that, I thought he was just an idiot. But, I remember looking it up back in the day and being shocked that “molder teeth” was actually a documented term. I just relooked it up and it doesn’t seem to actually exist….so, I guess I’m the idiot.

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